Wer gerne zusammen mit anderen Leuten entspannt rumwerkeln möchte kann das immer gerne jeden zweiten Samstag an unserem Tag tun. Übermorgen geht es um 14h los, u.a. auf der ToDo-Liste: Montagearbeiten bzw. viele Löcher bohren. Wir freuen uns über helfende Hände!


For people who enjoy working together in a chill atmosphere: every other Saturday we're working on stuff for the xHain together. We'll start at 2pm and plan to drill many holes this time. Does not sound relaxing at all. But we have to make room and a high ceiling.

Sorry our GIF description got lost in translation. There are 9 men wearing neon yellow safety vests on a public Street with big stones piled up on the floor. 4 men on the left pick up the stones and throw them to the next men to the right of the image. The men pass the stones on to the end of the chain of men, dumping them in a big container. It's mostly only a few men working, while the others are sitting relaxed on the container waiting to be thrown a stone :)

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