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Do you want to motivate Generation Unterstrich_? Put on the stream, join the (soundless) audience stream and @_Tasmo and @sondala will see you go crazy!

for those of you who asked: You can find our stream on and join our Jitsi dance floor audiece at

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@tasmo @sondala
Schaltet nachher ein und tanzt mit beim Maskenball im xHain 🕺
Falls ihr in der Nähe wohnt auch gerne vor unserem Fenster mit Kopfhörern :)

our crew is getting xHain ready for you to party tonight at 22h with ”generation unterstrich_” @tasmo @sondala
\o/ 🎉🍹🕺

Thank you, @Ricarda_Climate, for your interesting (and kind of scary) talk on "The big melt" and being a great guest in our studio.
It will soon be uploaded to

We wouldn't be able to contribute to the without our AV-xHain-crew.
Thanks for spending all those hours streaming, dealing with all the difficulties (technical or not) that arise while having a stage and in general for being awesome! <3

Our program today:
14h The big melt (live)
16h Climate change and the corona pandemic (live)
19h Closing (remote)
22h Party with Tasmo (live)

Falls ihr nicht in den live-Stream reinkommt, hier ein paar alternative Links:
Streaming-Link Raum2:
xhain Link:
Test-Streaming Link:

Und weiter geht's um 20:15 mit "Hacking DIversity" von Christina Dunbar-Hester, Saal2,

Und zum Feierabend noch Mal eben unser Equipment beschriftet.... \o/
Gute Nacht Welt, morgen geht's weiter :)

Next stage: pealed off the transfer paper. Then iron over it again. Looks nearly perfect 🤩🤩

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We didn't dare try the heat press on 50% cotton.... So we're still ironing :)

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tonights entertainment: chameleon heat transfer cutting with a plotter and tranferring it onto a t-shirt with a heat transfer press :rainbow_heart: 🦄

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Falls ihr heute Abend noch mit uns remote chillen möchtet, ihr findet uns in der Welt oder direkt im Jitsi

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