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¿Qué pasa que no pensamos en el peatón? Un grave síntoma de las ciudades modernas que piensan sólo en función del automóvil: elnuevodiario.com.ni/nacionale

Yeay, Open Public Transport Data in GTFS format of Baden-Württemberg, the state in Germany I grew up! So happy about this. Should have happened a decade ago. Much more 🙏 for making this happening now! - Data for @schildbach@twitter.com and @TransportrApp@twitter.com
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Die im Format von 11 Verkehrsverbünden in Baden-Württemberg sind jetzt als offene Datensätze verfügbar auf der #…

Why can it even be possible that the election of the president of the EU commission is done by secret votes?? Democracy needs accountability! And Europe needs to become credible. They are parliamentarians, and as a citizen I have the right to know how they are representing me.

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I work in IT, which is the reason our house has:
- mechanical locks
- mechanical windows
- routers using OpenWRT
- no smart home crap
- no Alexa/Google Assistant/...
- no internet connected thermostats

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¿Donde dice que dijo que está ese lugar? Aquí aprendiendo a agregar puntos a / con apoyo de @hotosm@twitter.com

Hack a game - youtube.com/watch?v=-hUIp3eUyK
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zelda speedrunners are now at the point where they're attacking the memory allocator to Go Fast -- repeatedly leaking memory to get the heap increasingly fragmented until there isn't a contiguous region of memory large enough to load obstacles twitter.com/MrGymnast86/status

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Now it is the time: Transit maps for everybody (with @osmandapp@twitter.com)! The simplest viable passenger information system based @openstreetmap@twitter.com - grown out of Free and Open Source Software, participation and Open Data \o/ felix.delattre.de/weblog/2019/

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Today we're launching ML Enabler - a critical tool for mapping applications, like @hotosm@twitter.com Tasking Manager, that leverages an AI-assist approach to streamline ML models & store ML-derived map data via a standardized API to expedite the mapping process


The ml-enabler is out - github.com/hotosm/ml-enabler - it is an Open Source tool you can use to universally bridge the use of machine learning models to applications: hotosm.org/updates/the-machine

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Someone looked into the consumer VPN market and its even worse and more dangerous than previously thought. Spoiler: Many really cheap (or even "free") VPN providers are just data collection / correlation companies, if in doubt for their home country govt.

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The arrest of the of @seawatch_intl@twitter.com is an attack on , on the everyday work and dedication of thousands of humanitarian workers in the world @MSF@twitter.com

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Wer beim Debate! Vortrag von @xamanu@twitter.com Lust auf Mapping bekommen hat, hat hier die Gelegenheit dazu: twitter.com/msf_de/status/1140

Do something meaningful with technology, help others and join the @msf_de@twitter.com mapathon in Berlin to complete the @MissingMap@twitter.com Next Tuesday, 7pm at the @WikimediaDE@twitter.com building - aerzte-ohne-grenzen.de/event/m

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@xamanu@twitter.com @t_grote@twitter.com @LineageAndroid@twitter.com @GrapheneOS@twitter.com GrapheneOS is only ever going to support devices where it can provide full security updates. Hardware and firmware security are crucial. In theory drivers could be maintained / replaced by the community, but that doesn't happen in practice and isn't production ready when it does.

phones w/o regular security updates are one of the biggest open doors for hackers and surveillance. Make your phone last longer and protect yourself with @LineageAndroid@twitter.com, or the hardened @GrapheneOS@twitter.com. Don't use the - go with the @fdroidorg@twitter.com instead.

.@openstreetmap@twitter.com has stepped out of the niche: almost all of the biggest and most known IT companies are going with it now: mdpi.com/2220-9964/8/5/232/htm A good example why collaboration and meaningful technologies are more sustainable and a benefit for all. Look at the community!

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