In an upcoming #IEEESoftware paper with Chris Lamb, we describe the #ReproducibleBuilds approach to increase the integrity of [#opensource] software #SupplyChains and how that worked out for #Debian.

#openaccess preprint:

#FreeSoftware #FOSS #ReproBuilds

Over the past 15 years of using , I've seen many messengers come and go. People complain about the hassle of switching messengers, but many express a preference for the "simplicity" of gated gardens.... Do they count the cost of switching as well?

A truly sustainable messenger can only be a decentralized protocol, not just an app.

Learn how to join:

Optional: but if you think about setting up your own server:

has done great work developing Open Source standards and tools for map vector tiles! Some months ago, they decided to change the license for further development of the related JavaScript library, but fortunately the community took over and just released an official version 1.14.0 of -gl-js

Today I want to share with you my favourite podcast about - The War on Cars - newyorkian, interesting, creative, progressive -

"We can replace the vicious cycle of exclusion with a virtuous cycle of inclusion and human development. We work with FOSS tools, we invest in and share those tools, and more people can participate. More participation leads to better technical outcomes, a wider spread of knowledge, more reduction of poverty, and therefore more investment in those tools."

> We don't need NGO-funded aid as much as we need the citizens of the countries that exploit us to ethically scrutinize the actions of the large corporations that sustain their quality of life.

Comment from Abril during the conversation around in and Mapping. states:

> What is done for me, without me, is done against me

during the conversation around in and Mapping.

A journalist emailed me months ago asking if they could ask me some questions about corporate influence in OSM. I said sure, had a nice chat with them. is the resulting article that came out today. I think it is a factual and balanced article overall and I struggle to understand why people throw disparaging remarks at me on Twitter. I'm quoted saying that corporate mappers don't map for the same reasons as the rest of us - that's obvious right? They get paid, we don't?

Also, even if I really love #mobian and #phosh and want to keep trying on making them fit for my daily use, I must say my heart goes for... sxmo! SuckLess+Mobile!

A tiled window manager, controlled through click/double-click/triple-click of the 3 hardware buttons + gestures.. on top of alpine/PostMarketOS.. how more 1337 can it be?

was able to make/receive calls. send/receive SMS (composing them in vi, yay!), activate wifi, browse the web, upgrade, etc..


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When I hear people talking about these days, I remember my excitement about .

The new (and also old) kid on the block in - Great talk by @holger about OpenPGP for XMPP (OX) and a very insightful discussion afterwards in today's virtual Berlin XMPP-meetup. Learn more about a promising future for instant messaging encryption by checking out the notes - The Year of the OX is just about to begin!

Interesting report on the use of Free and Open Source Software #FOSS by the #OpenStreetMap Foundation #OSMF:

And #kudos to @rory for leading the pack on #Mastodon with the #OSM-oriented instance!

What hosted or self-hosted alternatives would you suggest they use ?

We wrote a report on an inventory and recommendations about the use of Free and Open Source Software in the OpenStreetMap Foundation -

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