New map app recommendation: Organic Maps - - Available for Android and iOS. It is a privacy preserving Maps.Me fork providing users with beautiful vector tiles for offline maps and navigation. This is my favourite way for using on a smartphone!

At the moment, it can be installed from the main app stores. Soon it will be available on , too. In the meantime an APK can be downloaded from the release pages:

@xamanu Thanks for the heads-up! I've been using OsmAnd for years, but my phone is quite old and it runs very slowly nowadays, and it's starting to look a little dated

This looks like a good alternative, the map looks a lot nicer and clearer, but I can tell it's still in development - it seems to take a very long time (after the initial download) to load the relevant local map - it spun on this for me for about 3 minutes with my phone getting hotter and hotter before displaying the map

You are very right. They are just launching the fork. Probably it is going to become better in the future. Interestingly, the original core creator of Maps.Me, is heavily contributing to this fork. This gives me some hope and confidence.

@xamanu I don't know if this is a wider issue, but something no OSM-based app has been able to do so far is allow you to search or navigate by postcode in the UK

You can search for a postcode, and if a business is included on the map with that postcode, it'll find it, but residential postcodes tend to be omitted

In this country, for some reason we tend to use postcodes for everything - people will say "the start of the hike is at S33 8WA" for instance, and we put that into our GPS to drive

@lebochequirit Inhaltlich schon. Übersteigt allerdings das Größen-Limit (30M per App) um Faktor 3 (94M per APK).

@IzzyOnDroid Is it possible to make an exception for this app? We have 63MB of bundled Vulkan libraries used by our rendering engine. There is no way we can go down to 30MB.

@rtsisyk Sorry, but that's too big an exception. I can go slightly over 30M per APK, but not that far. Maybe we can meet somewhere, I didn't check your APK yet: if it's currently multi-arch, how big would an armv7-only build be? That's cover about 90% of the devices. But I'm afraid that would still get you not farther down than 60M…

@IzzyOnDroid 53M OrganicMaps-21051013-web-release.apk:

32M graphics + i18n
13M native libs
6.9M classes.dex
4.5 ttf fonts

@rtsisyk Is that APK availabe in a way I can take a look at it? Maybe something can be done to compress the graphics a bit more so we get at least below 50M (still beyond what I'd usually accept, but I'd consider that).


out of curiosity: how do they produce the vector tiles ? 👀


Sad to see Google Analytics on the home page of a "privacy preserving" App.

Doesn't look much trustworthy... 😔

Yes, indeed, this is not nice! The app seemed to have wiped out all tracking though But I agree using GAnalytics on the website, Telegram and Github are all platforms I wouldn't choose. But does this mean the whole project is not trustworthy?

@Shamar @xamanu A good catch! The web-site doesn't have Google Analytics anymore.

@xamanu for android I can strongly recommend OSMand

@Thalestria @xamanu
Naja, die Webseite nutzt schon mal Google Analytics.
Ich hab mir mal die App gezogen und das Exodus Projekt findet keine Tracker

@xamanu Oh, at my first opening this feels just faster as OSMAnd~ already.
OSMAnd drained the battery pretty fast, let's see with this one. :)

@xamanu @viennawriter
Oh great. I was already missing Was my favourite navigation tool.
Hope organic maps will be soon in fdroid :)

Oh, they don't sign their akp files :-(((
I guess then I'll wait for the fdroid version, or until they sign their file. (Or give checksum)

@paulfree14 @xamanu
What's the point of downloading a checksum from the same source as the APK file?

@wire @xamanu
You can check if there has been an error during download.
You can also verify the correctness of the given checksum by checking it through different sources.

@paulfree14 @xamanu Hey, a project maintainer here. We will sign further releases. Thanks for the advice!

@rtsisyk @xamanu
Awesome! Thank you. Really looking forward to use

@xamanu Some quic tests and I am already impressed. Osmand never got me, but now I hope, Orange Maps will become my #OpenStreetMap app for the next years. 🗺


Viel, viiiiiiel übersichtlicher! Zur einfachen Navigation deutlich besser. Osmand nutze ich dann zur Erkundung eher.

@blub @xamanu It's much more straight forward and far less customisable. It's closer to Gmaps in that regard and makes it an easier thing to recommend to people with no interest in tweaking settings.

@xamanu Looks like a painless upgrade path for users.

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