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🎶 Kein Tier hat je seine Lebenszeit im Schrank vertan. 🎶

Rejecting modern type systems because they "just get in the way" and preferring dynamic typing instead for large projects is like trying to swim across an ocean because learning how to sail a boat would be just too complicated.

Dear IETF: Are you fucking kidding me?
To get an RFC .txt file I must allow Cloudflare and Google tracking?

Are you serious? This is wrong on all OSI layers!

Wo bin ich bitte im Internet falsch abgebogen?

„Bifaz - Bürgerinitiative für animierte Verkehrszeichen“

If anonymity is outlawed, only the outlaws have anonymity.
Warum muss eigentlich einmal im Jahr irgendwer aufstehen und die selben blöden Ideen (Klarnamenspflicht, VDS, etc) durchs Dorf treiben?

Bei der IHK angefragt welcher SQL syntax in der Prüfung zulässig ist und ob ich einen Referenz bekommen könnte.

es existieren keine Vorgaben zur SQL-Syntax in den Abschlussprüfungen

chaosreif: adjektive

durch viel Arbeit so erschöpft, dass ein Chaosevent geboten ist

3 Stunden auf Arbeit und ich bin dann jetzt wieder Chaosreif!

In 1998, a programmer who had been working on Y2K fixes started to get anxious because he couldn't believe how pervasive the problem was. He switched from company to company trying to get away from it, but everywhere he went he became regarded as the Y2K expert and immediately became the team lead for that company's Y2K contingencies. He finally had a nervous breakdown, quit his job, and decided he wanted to be knocked unconscious when the Y2K actually came about.

A month before Y2K he was put into an artificial coma and cooled down to a near cryogenic easily sustained long term life support.

Unfortunately the life support notification system had a Y2K bug, and no one revived him for 8000 years.

Finally he was found and revived. He woke up, and saw himself surrounded by lots of glass, light, stainless steel, and tall beautiful people in white robes. He asked if he was in Heaven.

They replied, "No, this is Chicago. Actually but it's a lot like Heaven to someone like you."

"Someone like me?"

"You are from the 20th century. Many of the problems that existed in your lifetime have been solved for thousands of years. There is no hunger and no disease. There is no scarcity, or strife between races and creeds."

"What year is it now?"

"Yeah, about that - it's the year 9,998. You see, the year 10,000 is coming up, and we understand you know something called COBOL?"

Ich bräuchte mal Hilfe mit einen Problem. pls help

Code & Error Message:

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