After the last update, offers a feature called "Threema Safe". Can't really find a real documentation on it or how to run your own backup server - does anybody have more info on that?

Update: Documentation for ThreemaSafe now available, and it just requires any WebDAV Server to self-host. Yeah!
cc @rami

@xpac Which version on which OS are you referring to? I canβ€˜t find anything even remotely related in 4.0.3 for iOS.
From your brief description it sounds interesting though.

@xpac wasn't able to find something either. Are you in their Google play beta channel? I am and I guess that's just not launched yet

@rami Yeah, I am, forgot to mention that. You can enter your own https:// URL, and it tries HTTP PUT, but I couldn't find any info how to implement. It doesn't offer to enter credentials, so I wonder how that's supposed to go. Didn't work with my WebDav though.

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