Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

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@air_pump he literally said it's the only hostage situation where Stockholm syndrome kicks in even before the hostage taking takes place.

@xpac Haha, I work for the same company. Or this is a big coincidence. :) @leah

@arne abbreviation very closely related to that German hacker club?

@xpac Yes pretty much. Someone lost a letter.

@arne @xpac afaik you both live in NRW in the Ruhr- or Rhineland so it wouldn't surprise me if you work for the same company 😬

@sandzwerg Company is active in all of Germany (and some other EU and ex-EU countries... I'm just too lazy to walk upstairs and search for @arne on the Exchange server 😜

SaaS: The ultimate form of privatization of digital tools to benefit corporations at the expense of individual freedom.

It's the worst of capitalism applied to goods that literally cost NOTHING to replicate.

@rick_777 @xpac

cost NOTHING to replicate

Deploying and maintaining the s/w and h/w (failures, upgrades, backups, outrages, breaches, leaks, legal issues, etc.) costs something. But sure it's not an excuse to replace an actually available software with a "service".

@rick_777 @xpac @kurtm @davidak @actualsteerpike

… just realizing i'm replying to a months-old thread, but if any of you think #LibreSaaS is a solution in some scenarios— have the shared resources and easy startup of SaaS, with the prevention of hostage-taking afforded by Free Software (and data portability), i'm hoping to start a website to spread the word so ping me if you want to be a moderator / do the thing, currently just an etherpad

@federico3 Webhostaging. Great idea. Although it sounds like web ho staging.

@xpac @federico3 Oh, but there pronounciation strongly matters: I almost thought you where talking about heatpaste with anti-aging properties for your webhosts 🙃

@xpac "hostage" is a little off the mark to me. SaaS clearly stands for "Slavery as a Service", or "Slaveware as a Service". :)

@xpac Now we know why all those silicon valley acquihires happened in the 2012-2016 timeframe. Even when they made no sense, like Twitter buying Posterous, or Facebook buying FriendFeed.

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