1. Buy yourself a former bank
2. Plan to convert into a regular living house
3. Have your teen play in the old vault
4. Vault door does what vault door does
5. ...

Report is in German but the pictures are talking. 😉

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@xpac did they make a hole in the wall or broke the door? I don't understand how they got the kids back by looking at the pictures :flan_think:

@solene they tried multiple approaches. Fire Department arrived first on scene and tried to make a new hole in the wall, but the wall was also heavily reinforced. The THW groups were then alerted too and tried to create a small hole to supply food, water, ear protection, and tried to extend the fire departments hole.
In the end the vault company cut into the door, and used endoscopes to open the lock. Then hydraulic equip with two chains attached allowed opening the door.

@solene if that hadn't worked they would've used a heavy machine to create a breakthrough hole from the floor above (as this was in the basement)

@xpac that looks like a heist movie going bad :D

@solene it's impressive to see how much protection even such an old door offers, although they hadnt had to care about noise alarming the police etc...

@xpac A battlets has to be disarmed, even for recycling by cutting holes into the body. Why not with a vault?

@xpac ...I kinda hope newer vault doors come with "can always be opened from the inside" locks...

@anke @xpac I guess that wouldn't have helped here. They needed hydraulics to open the door after they had unlocked it.

@Segebodo @xpac Yeah, I skimmed the article and saw they had problems, including ones caused by the door being old. That's why I said "newer vault doors" :D

@xpac Der Tresor ist so gut wie offen. Er liegt schon am Boden.

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