asking for help, mention of abusive relationship 

a friend in Berlin is moving out of an abusive relationship and asking for help with her new apartment. relaying her request for help.

"In case you happen to have an existing household in Berlin dissolving at the moment or so and don’t know how to get rid of things: I might be interested in a lot of (kids-safe) stuff from kitchen furniture with machines, pots, cutlery, to kids’ tables and chairs and beds to wardrobes, boxes and different [...] 1/2

asking for help, mention of abusive relationship (furniture preferably with low visual noise). Even some (no-text) kids’ clothing in 116 or 128 or shoes about size 29 would be nice.

I don’t got resources to repair broken things or thoroughly clean stuff and don’t yet know how to transport bigger items. I got a little money.

Also: If you can recommend cheap furniture transport options in Berlin or good (professional) help for moving or building up things, that’d be helpful."


asking for help, mention of abusive relationship, covid 

@xpac I got lots of Kitchen stuff due to merging of two households, but that'd need Chaospost or similar, since i'm from Wiesbaden. Alternatively i could bring it to Berlin after the third wave.

asking for help, mention of abusive relationship 

@xpac @Bobo_PK I have two Lamps (Deckenlampen) and a ... what's the word for... "Garderobe" to give away for free if needed. I can send pictures. In any case I also send best wishes for this step.

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