@xsteadfastx quick question: does it still insist on making both a setup.py and a requirements file for a library? Or am I confusing something?

@xsteadfastx no, I mean… If I'm developing a library, I gotta have a setup.py (to publish it eventually). And it already has a way to declare dependencies. Do I need to declare the same dependencies in pyproject.toml?

(I probably should just head over to the site and read the docs anyway…)

@isagalaev no setup.py needed no more. poetry handles the pyproject.toml.... this is what is used to publish too

@xsteadfastx interesting! Does it generate setup.py or does it publish a library without one? Because if it's the latter pip wouldn't be able to install it in a non-poetry project, right?

@isagalaev sure it can... pyproject.toml is supported by pip... in the file it is described what tools it needs to install

@isagalaev as a developer you just handle the pyproject.toml

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