I soldered a 30% this weekend. Sports KAT Eternal keycaps and firmware. Both, the Gherkin design as well as QMK are free and open source software respectively hardware: qmk.fm/ + 40percent.club/ (No, it's not the new Raspberry Pi Pico based Gherkin, but the original based one. The Pro Micro is as well.)

Note that I shifted the bottom row by 1u. Cant't work without offset there. Space is bottom right.

And this is the second kit I soldered this weekend. It's a kit modeled after the Thinkpad X220 keyboard. It now sports sockets and v2 67g . I might change that to if I'll take into the officeβ€”once I'll move back there from homeoffice.

The are Tex keycaps and came with this keyboard as it requires key cap sizes smaller than the common key cap size. IIRC the F-row and cursor keys are 0.87u keycaps.

? Why does the ( kit, but ready-made models are likely the same) have a connector beside the expected USB-C connector?!?

Nice weather today. First time this year soldering because I can do it with open windows again without freezing. :-) Soldering a from , probably the smallest in the world: etsy.com/de/listing/855710707/

Idea for a potential themed set: Labelling the tab key with "DWIM".

Thought came when doing "serv<Tab>apa<Tab>res<Tab><Enter>" for calling "service apache2 restart"

Yay! My favourite brand is back alive under the hood of my favourite key cap setβ€”hmmβ€”designer? …producer? …production manager? Oh, well, you know what I mean. :-) thekey.company/blogs/blog-upda β€” Thanks Jason, thanks Evan! (Typing this on a MiniVan with . Still need to get some GMK 40% kit to be able to have GMK Terminal on one of my other MiniVans. :-)

My of the at are now online: gallery.noone.org/Keyboard%20E

(With the exception of one black Pok3r keyboard which was there only at the very beginning, I should have caught every single which was displayed.)

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