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Jadzia: The fact that I still say weird random things at my age is just part of my charm.

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*opens fridge*

No compatible food

*eats a spoonful of mustard*

*sips on my third monster today*

energy drinks are evil

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Note to self: buy a real co2 sensor next time

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What time is it?

It's garlic bread time

All the sensors are now in homeassistant thanks to esphome

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I also connected a DHT11 temperature/humidity sensor and a sgp30 TVOC/CO2e sensor

But I forgot to take a picture of it (which is good, because that wasn’t one of by better soldering jobs)

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The esp8266 listens on the sensors uart bus and sends it’s data out via wifi

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Modding my IKEA air quality sensor to also report temperature/humidity and CO2 levels

Funfact: Your account on twitter gets locked when you try changing your birthdate

the body is just the camper van of the mind

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