"Deadline-induced quality issues: a problem all over the galaxy."

Can someone make sense of these boot messages (screenshots below)? My PC refuses to boot since yesterday: neither from the internal NVME, nor from USB.

I took screenshots from several attempts to boot current linux install media via USB (Arch and Fedora).

Any Idea which part of the hardware might cause these problem? I tried to eliminate some by for example removing the NVME or removing and reordering the RAM.

a lot of FOSS Android projects have been busy the last couple of days

I wonder if there is a subtext in this congratulatory message?

I recently checked the box "send catalog" for an electronics order at the Reichelt online store. Holy smokes. Now that is a BIG catalog. 1800+ pages and 1780g - and the industrial robot Horst900 on the back cover.

Small UI change, but a huge win. with style client-side decoration. For anyone, who also is annoyed by the HUGE default toolbar in Rhythmbox, I can recommend github.com/fossfreedom/alterna

This has been in the making for quite some time. So today is finally the day. is . What a nice surprise.

Would someone help me with googling a quote about the cyclical nature of the universe and everything else? "Master Of The Universe" action figures are again sold in toy stores.


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