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Incidentally, I love it that Mastodon discourages URL shortners. All URLs count as 23 chars, no more, no less. Much better than obfuscating them.

I recently checked the box "send catalog" for an electronics order at the Reichelt online store. Holy smokes. Now that is a BIG catalog. 1800+ pages and 1780g - and the industrial robot Horst900 on the back cover.

Should I get a dog?

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Fantastic: "homeopathics offer a secret, on how a single vaccine portion can be used for a whole country"
(It's a german satiric website, very much to the point here again)

I am looking for for a good / the best USB webcam that runs under Linux out of the box. My current webcam runs under Linux but the colors are not accurate. So I guess Iam looking for a camera with great/accurate color reproduction. ( appreciated)

I started to learn how to meditate a couple of days ago. Mostly in anticipation of the stress that surely will grab me as soon as homeschooling will start again. (I hate homeschooling - but that is not the point.) So far meditation is a bit underwhelming. Sitting, breathing, eyes closed. Nothing that I cannot archieve with a pair of headphones and space music. But since I paid for the course, I will keep trying. Maybe there is a mental/spiritual wall here to be broken through - somewhere.

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Awesome stuff! If you want to know more about GNOME Shell 40, you should check this blog post!


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So over the holidays my daughter asked for a gaming PC, so I asked her to do the work of spec'ing it out, learning about the components, and building it. She ended up buying a case that has no 5.25" drive bays and now I feel so old that this is even possible.

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I caught myself again this year peeking at the Best Of lists, that music blogs and magazines are publishing, to get a sense of what I have missed. Man, I totally feel out of touch. Most of the music I discovered last year was on vinyl - bought on the local flea market.

Just as a follow-up: I found a feature request for a Client-Side Decorated toolbar in that is SIX years old gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/rhythmb :-( ... and a Merge Request that would bring this feature to Rhythmbox without the need for a plug-in gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/rhythmb … this one is old, too – but it seams to be somewhat alive :-)

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Small UI change, but a huge win. with style client-side decoration. For anyone, who also is annoyed by the HUGE default toolbar in Rhythmbox, I can recommend github.com/fossfreedom/alterna

31 Dec 2020. My son's first contact with PC gaming: I feel that I have done something right today

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May the be with YOU! Our user has two difficulties: HW price, dev. To solve, we will make 1st chip for hacker/academy/research in 2 years! We have started the 1st step: FPGA dongle. Your support wanted! Contribute/User/Funding-info PM me.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/jxjputaoshu/status

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Bring on 2021, we’re ready. 🧨

But first, our annual retrospective!

In 2020, we launched our app on iOS (now on every major platform), made our first video, advertised on trams, and investigated a couple of laws.

And a lot more:


#privacy #vpn

Today I started playing "The Secret of Monkey Island" for the first time ever. I somehow skipped it back in 1990. (I played "Maniac Mansion" though. Better mention that, so not to loose too much cred here.) Anyway. The game aged really well. I am having a good time. So if anyone now feels tempted to give old games a try. has a super comprehensive archive. ia801005.us.archive.org/view_a Note: this link is not a ZIP, just a table of contents.

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