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Sometimes the best debugging technique is taking a nap.

Developer relations seem to be at a low over in land. A somewhat unexpected fallout from the Apple Epic trial.

Then in frustration I turned to the used hardware market. Only to see that many of the older graphic cards are still sold over price not 20% or so. But also up to three times the original price from half a year ago. So when I found a RX 5600 XT for just 575 Euro, I felt really lucky.

For several weeks in a row a browser extension was reloading AMDˋs store around 1730 at a rate that was not triggering the DDOS detection. No chance. I tried a bookmarklet script that surfaces the Add To Cart button regardless of the actual state of the store. No chance. The store is sold out in a couple of seconds every week.

Prior to that I tried to buy a current generation GPU from AMD (because Linux). I already heard that prices are super high at the moment. But boy. Three times the original price?! The only place to get decent prices seemed to be the AMD online store. But whenever I went there, GPUs were always Out Of Stock. I took a while for me to find out that thursdays at 1730 local time AMD is restocking.

Today I bought a used graphics card on a marketplace for double the price the card had cost 5 month ago. And I still feel I was lucky. Here is how that came to pass

Just to finish this story. It apparently was the memory controller of the CPU. My PC built finally seems to run smoothly after I replaced the CPU. Next Task. I need a better GPU. I will post my thoughts on that later.

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Can someone make sense of these boot messages (screenshots below)? My PC refuses to boot since yesterday: neither from the internal NVME, nor from USB.

I took screenshots from several attempts to boot current linux install media via USB (Arch and Fedora).

Any Idea which part of the hardware might cause these problem? I tried to eliminate some by for example removing the NVME or removing and reordering the RAM.

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You know when you get that little bit of skin on the side of your fingernail that you should definitely leave alone, because trying to pluck it never goes well?

Yes, that.

Even as I was picking at it, I was telling myself “leave it alone, Alan!”

There are some things we never learn...

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Die 10 größten CO2-Quellen in der EU 2020:

🇵🇱 Belchatów
🇩🇪 Neurath (RWE)
🇩🇪 Jänschwalde (LEAG)
🇩🇪 Niederaußem (RWE)
🇩🇪 Weissweiler (RWE)
🇵🇱 Kozienice
🇩🇪 Schwarze Pumpe (LEAG)
🇵🇱 Opole
🇩🇪 Boxberg (LEAG)
🇦🇹 Stahl Linz

Geile Idee, die Kohle bis 2038 zu verlängern, @ArminLaschet.

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Got my mojo-ryzen! The Alienware Aurora R10 arrived today! Installed Manjaro and played a little Valheim. Man this monitor is huge!

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