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Seems like the famous Byuu/Near who developed bsnes/higan (the best SNES emulators) has committed suicide. Very sad. #linux #linuxgaming #emulation #supernes #nintendo #byuu #near

QT marcan42: A message about Near from a mutual friend.

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"Deadline-induced quality issues: a problem all over the galaxy."

Seeing those fully packed soccer stadiums during makes me feel uncomfortable. Watch a Covid super-spreader event unfold in real time. Yeah. Go ahead and ruin the rest of 2021 for the rest of us.

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bin hier seit mittwoch nacht in einem wald. gestern gabs heidelbeeren zum essen. ganzen tag höre ich vögel .

vorhin wäsche gewaschen im wald. kein waschmittel. nur waschbrett (wirklich) und wasser.

und das ganze noch 1 woche. 1 woche nur natur. erleben.


mit einem lieben gruss an euch. der typ der malt.


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Drückende Wärme über dem Viertel. Verschattungs-Stragien überdenken. Ventilator ausschalten, weil der Motor zuviel Hitze abstrahlt. Bewegungsminimierung. Kühlwasser für klebrige Gedanken. Warten auf den Abend. Kommt wohlbehalten in den Nachmittag.

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When the jaws open wide
And there's more jaws inside
That's a moray

Gibt es einen Mastodon-Account, der einem sagt, ob das System, das die Zertifikate für den erzeugt, gerade down ist? Ich komme gerade unverrichteter Dinge aus der Innenstadt zurück. Die Apothekerin achselzuckend nur so: "System ist wieder nicht erreichbar. Kommen Sie später nochmal."

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Sometimes the best debugging technique is taking a nap.

Developer relations seem to be at a low over in land. A somewhat unexpected fallout from the Apple Epic trial.

Then in frustration I turned to the used hardware market. Only to see that many of the older graphic cards are still sold over price not 20% or so. But also up to three times the original price from half a year ago. So when I found a RX 5600 XT for just 575 Euro, I felt really lucky.

For several weeks in a row a browser extension was reloading AMDˋs store around 1730 at a rate that was not triggering the DDOS detection. No chance. I tried a bookmarklet script that surfaces the Add To Cart button regardless of the actual state of the store. No chance. The store is sold out in a couple of seconds every week.

Prior to that I tried to buy a current generation GPU from AMD (because Linux). I already heard that prices are super high at the moment. But boy. Three times the original price?! The only place to get decent prices seemed to be the AMD online store. But whenever I went there, GPUs were always Out Of Stock. I took a while for me to find out that thursdays at 1730 local time AMD is restocking.

Today I bought a used graphics card on a marketplace for double the price the card had cost 5 month ago. And I still feel I was lucky. Here is how that came to pass

Just to finish this story. It apparently was the memory controller of the CPU. My PC built finally seems to run smoothly after I replaced the CPU. Next Task. I need a better GPU. I will post my thoughts on that later.

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