Cross-posting to multiple Mastodon accounts is such a powerful feature. One interface from a phone app publishing to multiple instances, all geographically/legally diverse. Something orgs like DDoSecrets should take advantage of, but journalists of all kinds to get around various layers of internet censorship

i setup a wireguard vpn to Tokyo, wish me luck on the Japanese APEX servers with 150ms latency lol

i don't know why i've never experienced a "honeymoon" phase when dating, it seems like most of the guys who i've dated have been in that, and then gave up after a couple of years. i will never understand

shared interests are good when dating. but what makes a relationship last is shared values and goals. love changes over time and people have to know that so they understand how and when a relation changes -- that change can turn into a bad, destructive thing or it can make a relationship even stronger

the only worthwhile guys to even consider dating are those who have experienced hardships themselves and understand the value of empathy and connection

since i'm giving up on self-hosted mastodon (dealing with the trash fire that is patching it), i'm curious if anyone has ideas on how to use "" ^_^

i hope that mastodon one day can learn a thing or two from wordpress in terms of ease of deployment and maintenance

Finally on CalyxOS and tweeting/tooting from 3 Mastodon accounts and 1 Twitter account simultaneously

Participated in the Tor Operators meetup -- there's never enough time to dig into the issues. It's like we need a con all to ourselves!

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