I'm setting up a self-hosted Mastodon, which will be my new default account: disobey.net/@yawnbox

When/where is the ceremony training session at ?

Participated in the Tor Operators meetup -- there's never enough time to dig into the issues. It's like we need a con all to ourselves!

Landed in Germany. While at I'll be tweeting and tooting from my chaos.social Mastodon chaos.social/@yawnbox -- Signal is still the best way to reach me

Updating a Ubuntu Mate client using apt-transport-tor 😂 1hr... In counting...

Tooting from three geographically dispersed Mastodon accounts, and tweeting, all from one client at the same time... This is so cool 😃

Oh... Cross posting on three Mastodon accounts. Three countries. Three admins. This is dope.

Hi @ordnung -- can you recommend an app for tooting from multiple Mastodon accounts simultaneously? Ideally also to Twitter at the same time.


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