To find out whether an application is running under native #Wayland or XWayland, open up xeyes and look where it follows you. When the eyes move you're over an #XWayland window.

Source: github.com/swaywm/sway/wiki#is

It actually shocked me a bit. Newer GNOME apps (indicator: header bar) are fine on Wayland, but everything Qt (yes, all KDE stuff too) is stuck on XWayland because it ignores the relevant environment variable.

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@solarkraft which variable?
QPA_PLATFORM=wayland should work?

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@ytvwld It even tells you that it's ignoring it, but not why :-)
That is on GNOME, I haven't checked on Wayfire.
There's a flag to override that, but that messes a lot with theming, so I'll have to figure that out a bit. Do you happen to know how to make Qt get server side decoration on Gnome?

@solarkraft I don't think Gnome supports server side decoration.

@ytvwld Oof. It certainly does for XWayland. Are Gnome really just being assholes again? That would explain Qt's decision to force XWayland.

@solarkraft @ytvwld the correct environment variable is QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland

Parts of gnome-shell are still on XWayland for interactions between X and Wayland apps.

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