couldn't you get all the logs you can find of assistance exchanges in a given topic, use it to customize a gpt bot instance, and then it can provide all the free interactive support anyone wants on all the known issues in that topic? if it worked well and alleviated the volunteer support load in communities, it could also be worth it to suitably curate and detox the corpora, where appropriate, to alleviate unwanted costs the free support might've otherwise come with...

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the idea being it could be a win-win, for people seeking support to get what they want more quickly and reliably, without necessarily exposing them to associated subcultures they might find objectionable, and likewise for those who provide volunteer support to not have to deal with basic repetitive stuff, reducing the demand for constant attention, and letting them focus time and energy on more needful issues.
and that it could be an application of the tech for some actual social good, for once.

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