society's institutions are just live-ammo larping. they're all made up structures, artifacts of culture, socially enforced delusions.
and we're still taking the crooked rotten foundations of the existing structures far too for granted. they are hazardous and unfit for habitation. they should be designated as condemned, and efforts made to contain the fall out of their ongoing collapse, parallel to fulfilling the dire imperative to pick up their slack with sustainable modes of societal self-care.

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i honestly don't care where you are or what you believe. our governments and corporations are not addressing our collective and extreme ongoing failure as a global society. there are no reforms radical enough to save us. we need a sea change. we have to shed our skin, and do something radically different. and we are so fucking empowered to do so for the first time in human history, so uh, lets not act like we fucking can't, ok?

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