edgy and grungy styles of music rarely build a sound around the vocals like pop styles do, tending instead to bury them in an instrumentation-first seeming composition, and while that's been somewhat characteristic of such genres and all well and good, it's also a shame to neglect the interesting vibe spaces that might be found there, while imo it's often been really good when someone's actually done it...
one thing, i just don't hear the range of vocal styles in music as i do in scifi/fantasy


tbh, the people doing sound for movies seem to know things that most of the music industry doesn't, and manage to take a professional music track that's had every effort at saturating it with sound content, and blend it in with room sounds, dialog, car noises, and explosions, and not only have it still sound as good clear and rich as the mastered studio recording, but somehow often even more so...
but then there's the vocal effects they do that music scarcely ever seems to approach

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i really enjoy billy eilish's use of ring modulation and such, but also those are effects doctor who's been using since 1963...

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