one of my favorite old dream settings, that i don't think i've visited in a while, is what i think seems like a big antique movie theater of unusual design, that was actually built (or at least heavily refitted) by something of a mad scientist somewhere in the late victorian to early modern era... it's a multi-story multiplex, with at least half the stories underground, but the hidden guts of the building also conceal massive amounts of mysterious electromechanical machinery of unknown purpose


it's rather anachronistic, in that it seems to far predate the development of anything like a multiplex cinema, such that it would've still seemed futuristic half a century after when (i get the sense) it was constructed... with the rooms featuring stadium seating and an integrated, retro-future aesthetic, all built into the architecture...
i had wanted to unravel the mystery of the machinery, but it's so large, complex, and aged into advanced disrepair, as to have been inscrutable

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