this took way too long to render just for an effect that kinda barely worked... : 6.548MB : 42.534MB

my new sword, and my whole medieval blade family (the ones i have of it, anyway)

along with yet another sword(! but aside from the replacement still pending on the defective one, this is the last one i'll be getting for the foreseeable future...), i got a dagger that matches my first one, plus a full-length hooded wool (+linen/cotton lining) cloak (just in time for spring! 😜)
got some quick pics of the dagger last night by the light of the lettuce garden, i'll try to take some of the sword soon, while the cloak can't be washed and must quarantine for a while...

ok so i might have a problem, but... i got another sword. πŸ˜…
this time a jian, and, as my first actually sharp and wieldy sword, it's the first i've actually tried cutting with, on one of the milk jugs i've been saving up for such... which i think must be too easy of a target! because... aside from one grazing miss before the last cut, every other attempt split it clean and easy, haha.
it was fun, though! i gotta sharpen the first one and see how it does.

ups can't seem to cough up my hairball...
i didn't think late delivery was the trouble with tribbles

not sure why it's so one-sided and i just contacted the company today about the one that didn't sprout, but lettuces are growing :)

fuck! i got a defective blade with a fucking crack in it! 😱
the shop's supposed to be good about dealing with this, but it seems to be out of stock now too, so i might not even be able to get an exchange 😞

this seller looked dubious, but it was a realistically good deal, and i figured i could file a claim for my money back if i didn't get it, so i tried anyway... well, then the listing and seller got deleted, so i figured i was gonna have to file, just after waiting a bit to make sure nothing was coming...
but then i got a notification with a tracking number for it, coming tomorrow! i wonder if it's really what i ordered? so i get this amusing set of notices on my ebay page:

i actually updated the download link (and gallery site) with the newer version

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comparing my door to a reference i found it hung too low, the frame was too small, and my hardware was too big, especially the knob

more backroomsy vibe...
now with 100% more sun/sky!

from the maker of "yes, there is no banana"* comes "wait, there are no windows either" (under construction edition)

stumbling through blender-space, finding its own backrooms

pardon my piloting on a trip through the bunnyhop anomaly [wip render]
it's also an infinite rabbit-hole! (it seamlessly loops if you enable looping on it)
preview frame attached, as vid is too big for chaos

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