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we FOUND the gods dead! ...or at least most...
we have slain some demons, but we've tamed some ghosts,
and put 'em on display in spiritual zoos,
where the kids can be scared, but not harmed, by the boos.
and while the fae and the rest could not be reached for song,
the magic really was in Us all along.

you know, assuming every possible merit to your opposition forces you to make the strongest possible arguments, while assuming a lack of merit tends to make your arguments weak and often to even undermine themselves.
tbh, if you want to make a good case about something, the worst thing you can do is to assume it already is one.

impelling a slow render with an impatient gaze

i guess when you set out to recreate earlier stuff in a new thing, and the render in progress strikes you as eerily familiar, that's probably a good sign

so far i really feel like 4k's the point that's "good enough" (at least) for traditional display size-distance setups, which is saying a lot from me i think, but i can see the need for more to maintain density parity in larger real-estate formats like imax and vr... i wonder what the ultimate target for a 360 image is, and how long before i can get a computer that'll render my work at it in a reasonable time? 😅

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when i open the full-res images from my aging 10megapixel canon, they're still a bit taller than it but not as wide as my screen!

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it's trivial to calculate, but i don't remember seeing/noticing such figures, and i was curious about display/video resolutions in digital photography terms, and "4k" UHD (3840x2160, which is just double each way of 1920x1080) is basically ~8.3 megapixels, and the corresponding "8k" of 7680x4320 would be ~33.2mp

"you're trying too hard and actively interfering with yourself" is probably one of the worst good answers to so many problems

when there's nothing but the color smears and descriptions of dead images, that's a phost

"hi, don't worry, just hold still while i UNcut you with this... why are you looking at me like that? hey, where are you going? but your wound, come back!"

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i don't think i find this one as satisfying as the pending-replacement one was, and tbh there's way too many crosses now, which i'd like to ...customize. (but it's funny to think it means they're medicinal swords that having healing properties...)
it also makes me feel like i've gotten enough of these things by now, haha...
the dagger is delightful, though

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"I use free software so that I can spend my money on hardware"
hells i need to shave me fucking neckbeard 😬

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my new sword, and my whole medieval blade family (the ones i have of it, anyway)

along with yet another sword(! but aside from the replacement still pending on the defective one, this is the last one i'll be getting for the foreseeable future...), i got a dagger that matches my first one, plus a full-length hooded wool (+linen/cotton lining) cloak (just in time for spring! 😜)
got some quick pics of the dagger last night by the light of the lettuce garden, i'll try to take some of the sword soon, while the cloak can't be washed and must quarantine for a while...

since i should try to transition my e-mail away from a defunct dyndns subdomain (that hasn't been updateable for like a decade), i'm looking to see if i can switch it to a new subdomain service, and browsing their domains for one to try it with, i'm trying to remember ones like 'pixelfucker' or '' might come off as sketchy

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@moiety well actually a lot of things done just not what I intended
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@steph I feel like I could live a billion years and never get anything done 😂

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