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inventing electromagnetic, acoustic, and/or chemical systems that foul/disable firearms within an effective radius, not for the lives it might save, but just to force us to either go back to swords or move on to plasma blasters

sucks that cycles doesn't handle light transmission through glass, and caustics, and such very well, or at all for shit half the time, but this amplified transparency method for faking caustics is kinda neat as far as fake shit goes:
in my case, i've tweaked it in various ways, including setting up a texture that's a decent match for the geometry the caustics should come from. if the geometry was a displacement texture it could be reused here to make the patterns accurate

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while i love pbr and when you can configure things reasonably realistically to get the renderer to produce reasonably realistic results for it, i'm also fond of the ways you can get naturalistically unreal results with things like setting a transparent shader's color to a value >1.0 to get, like, amplifying transparency, or an emission shader to <0.0 to get that weird anti-light effect.

i don't especially mind feeling embarrassed when it's not accompanied by shame, it can even be sorta fun sometimes, but being embarrassed and ashamed is kindof unbearable...

sometimes i like to cringe and giggle at myself and privately call midnight "dark noon"

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i've missed glassblowing and long been meaning to try ways of simulating it... finally took a stab at it with a cloth sim with a pressure feature. blender's simulators sure are amazing 😜

like, for a lot of us, i think it's harder to put our more intense feelings about anything out there as much as our safer, easier to deal with, more moderate ones, and if i try to turn things around and look back at myself that way, i doubt anyone could reasonably discern what i care about more vs what i more easily talk about...

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ya know, a funky dynamic is that people don't do what they want to do as much as what's emotionally (and, ya know, also physically) easier of what's still desirable or at least acceptable, and i suspect people often know this about themselves without considering how somewhat misleading everyone's behavior can be for it...

i've missed glassblowing and long been meaning to try ways of simulating it... finally took a stab at it with a cloth sim with a pressure feature. blender's simulators sure are amazing 😜

reminder that anything sold to you as security but that can't be audited by a 3rd party is best assumed to be a honeypot or scam.

wanna hear me play a harpsichord? *plays a single c chord on a harp* how'd you like it?

'No results found for "[my band name]".' is my band name

torn too long between closing the 3rd instance of blender and opening one of ardour, or starting a new project in it instead...
i'll just have to start with ardour and then consider the other blender one when i remember what it was

personally i think the radio series is great, the tv series is unwatchable (unless you're really into everything obnoxious and shitty about bad 80s tv), the novels seem nice but somehow i've just ended up reading a handful of random chunks instead of the whole thing in order, i don't think i played the game since i was a kid unfamiliar with the franchise and gave up after dying 20 times in the first 2 scenes, the movie is fine, but i haven't caught up on the sequel radio series yet...

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the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy started life as (technically the script for) the radio series, which was subsequently adapted and expanded into novels, a tv series, a text adventure game, a sub-etha series (presumably), a movie, and i think some other stuff? every adaptation is willfully divergent in its interpretation/plot/details. years later the expansions from the novels were also, somehow, adapted back into a sequel radio series in which many of the original actors reprised their roles

i still say the ability to intentfully shift your conscious state on demand is the most elusive but essential skill of existing

the molten glass i'm rendering actually heats up my room

hot take: external incentives are intrinsically perverse incentives and categorically do more harm than good

@heironymous it just occurred to me that, technically, it's probably possible to say just about anything in 10 words or less if you're speaking german, and if you were dedicated you might make a good run of it in english, too...

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