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i'm pretty sure a lot of music just gets ripped off, but sometimes i have the mandela effect like experience of being sure even the words are the same as a familiar and much older song, even though they only bring up results for the more recent one that i could swear is a cover

by the time everyone knows what a label means, it's not the even the meaning it was meant for anymore

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heads up, most of the labels out there aren't used to mean their real things, but just to manipulate everyone's perception.

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so glad i made a habit of unsubscribing from social constructs, they tend to rather suck, and people ought to get over them tbh

sometimes official transcriptions and professional covers seem to miss the riff/groove and come out like a generic ripoff of what they're explicitly supposed to be

fact is, in most aspects of our lives, most of us are composed of little more than random confluences of evolutionary, environmental, and social conditioning.

and hells, my new dress would probably qualify as a unisex tunic most places in most of history, and someone would want to kick my ass for wearing it today?
seems ironic that someone who otherwise might not concern themselves much with fashion trends would have such strong feelings about how other people dress themselves...

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and people get so hung up on utterly fluid fads, of constructs we invented, often for arbitrary or archaic purposes anyway. like, there's no single traditional and sacred concept of marriage at all, it's been all over the fucking place for as long as it's existed, it changes, it will change, and you're living in a delusional fucking fantasy if you're worried about if or how.

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this isn't a very understanding perspective, i'm generally of the opinion that everyone arrives where they are for reasons that make sense to their point of view, even if it's all gone terribly wrong... some things are just hard to confront without getting angry and cynical about it...

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sex act mention 

when i learned it's this whole thing where gay men have ostracized and been outright violent against other gay men for... liking to rub their penises together, because that's too much like "straight" sex? like, no, you're the one being a straight ass bigot here (uh, statistically, buttsex would be way more of a straight act than frotting ever could be 🤪)
seriously, choke on a shit, you fucking traitor to humanity

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i think i'm generally rather nonviolent, but don't you just want to slap the shit out of bigots? what the actual fuck is wrong with you that you want to shit on people just living their own lives? you don't even deserve to posses an opinion on that shit, in your abject ignorance about things that don't even affect you.
and if you're a discriminated class being a bigot against the broader class you even belong to? my urge to punch you is about as strong as it is for nazis and cops, fuckin dipshit

my black lace saga, faceless selfie 

the ivory leggings with the fishnets over top seem to achieve the effect i was going for, and if/when i don't want to shave my legs, the combo seems to hide it pretty well...

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We've had a little bat sleeping in our dining room window some days lately...

no, wait, the proper version is that a philosopher can never be quoted by the same person twice

and, um, i guess if it's still where i thought it was, then now i have a better chance of reaching it on the next expedition there.

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there, i did it.
well some of it...
i mean, i didn't find the gift bags i went looking for, but i installed a new ups battery, moved a painting and a mirror, packed clutter into a box, re-arranged some things more compactly, etc...

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the problem with doing any single simple thing is how often it requires the energy to do literally every other thing along the way.

the majority of everyone's diet consists of plant babies

funny how it can be easier to address the void of the undifferentiated multitude

it should show the one in front in the action of trying, maybe awkwardly posed mid-fail, with action lines and all, despite the pile already accumulated there

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