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but sometimes you only have a glasses case and maybe you want to refer to vision correction objects in general, when there's not actually such a thing as a "general vision correction objects" case...
or sometimes the case you would need exists as a lid in a drawer in one room, and the bottom part's in a filing cabinet of a school library, and the hinges are in someone's garage...

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even numbers are the imbalanced ones, because they lack a fulcrum, which is essential.

finding a suitable word is often like trying to find the smallest and most bespoke-like box, that happens to be around already, for some object that's presented itself.
and it's like, yes these glasses fit in this room, and even in that drawer, but neither the room nor the drawer are adequate to safely store them in, they need their own protective case.
which is to say, nobody's gonna think of your glasses when you say "the thing in this room/drawer", but likely will for "the thing in this case"

you may know that, according to relativity, the rate at which time passes for something is affected by its inertial frame of reference...
what they haven't figured out yet is how your cognitive frame of reference can influence your inertial one, but i swear it does

prompted by someone asking "why is it every time i want to do something on my device, it wants to update right then"
afaict the answer is mostly because everything's built by careless idiots who don't know or care because we exclusively incentivize everything by coercion and greed, and continue thinking that'll produces good results despite our constant lifelong bombardment with evidence to the contrary.

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but it's apparently not fun to have the required domain specific knowledge of every other thing in the world outside of being a programmer, and actually just sitting down to implement that, instead of imagining yourself hacking your way through some digital frontier where your kludges grow legs and become infrastructure...
nor perceived as profitable to retain expertise and pay its premium instead of churning through eager and energetic graduates who have to make all the same mistakes again

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in the big picture, all existing software and oses suck unbelievably hard, like nobody yet understands how utter garbage virtually every last shred of it is.
it's a story of naive people fixated on their tools, badly reinventing solutions to problems that are well solved by a great deal of mature research that merely needed to be implemented with other likewise well developed methods, slowly and clumsily learning that in-production, before being replaced with fresh fools to repeat the cycle

ever feel like you give plenty of fucks about something, but you just can't get all your fucks in a row

shame they've never actually shown it when james bond regenerates

i think i've come up with more names for bands that'll never exist than i have for stuff i've actually made

sadly i rarely have crushes, but realized lately i've got some on my timeline! 😘

apparently an "elven" style of long hair is invariably to braid or pin the sides back to uncover the ears

there's religious surrealism, philosophical surrealism, and then metaphysical surrealism.
knowing the difference is critical

nsfw-ish: bare cgi breasts 

ok blender's hair dynamics and collision do seem to be working better these days, once you resolve some of the silly issues that are prone to come by default

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baking hair is always fun...
at least it's better than baking eggshells

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then i thought, the more likely feminine version, if it matters, would be pela? and that translates to copper? which also seems relevant to her hair's red tint... idk, what do you think?

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wanted to see where blender's hair collision and such is these days, figured i'd check out the latest mb-lab to make a model for the purpose while i was at it... chose a latino base, ended up giving her pointy ears. thus, creatively, pointy_ear_latino/ and, as per my typical scheme, pel0-000.blend
i'm liking her as a character, though, and wondering what to name her, i thought, hey "pelo" sounds spanish, i wonder if it's a word, i check and it translates to what? hair. hmm

i'm generally annoyed by a whining dog, but she just puts on such a performance!

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when she feels left out of something she wants to do, winter tries every pitch and articulation she can find to express her laments

sometimes i feel like i ought to get around to accomplishing something real some day...
other times i feel like that's the last fucking thing i should ever do

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