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Someone added the GameCube intro to my unemployment graph & it’s significantly better now.

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I hate capitalism! And stuff like throwing away food to save the market is one of the reasons.

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People don't seem to realize this, but during the Great Depression, food and other goods existed, but were destroyed because noone was buying them(because they couldn't afford them.) This isn't new. This is how capitalism has always operated. twitter.com/ShaunGalNews/statu

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21:57 - plagued by worry about a couple of my favorite humans ... subtype: seeing them every 200 days on average and it's a high-point every time.

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Now would absolutely be the right time to bring back the Nubrella with some kind of gasket and HEPA blower🤔

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It's also extremely stupid ... yes yes yes segregating people on basis of ethnicity is genocide. But as long as you are not willing to segregate them physically too this policy just makes everything worse. Who comes up with policies like this? Who votes them into power?

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This is genocidal. twitter.com/haaretzcom/status/

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Here's a trailer for our brand new show, Slightly Civil War! youtu.be/qv-iNDIG5fQ

Premieres on @EscapistMag@twitter.com website on Monday, April 6th at Noon EST.

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So poetry is trending for all the wrong reasons I'm afraid …I'll refrain from judgement but I will say this: If more people were writing and publicizing their poetry we would see a whole rainbow of pathological thoughts being amplified right now. So erm write some poetry.

"Ich darf ihnen nur 2 Packungen Nudeln verkaufen" ... könnte man halt auch ans Regal schreiben.

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In South Korea, the solar panels in the middle of the highway have a bicycle path underneath - cyclists are protected from the sun, isolated from traffic, and the country can produce clean energy.

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Wenn du so verzweifelt bist, dass du sogar aufhörst Homosexuelle zu diskriminieren.

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President Trump: "Did you know I was number one on Facebook? I just found out I’m number one on Facebook. I thought that was very nice, for whatever it means." cbsnews.com/live-updates/coron

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Wir überlassen 20.000 Menschen der Hölle von Moria, wo sie frieren, dürsten und hungern.

Aber wir holen 40.000 Menschen aus Rumänien, damit uns der Spargel nicht verrottet.

Die Würde des Spargels ist unantastbar...

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somebody thought that?

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did anyone seriously believe that Zoom calls were end-to-end encrypted (without a TTP)?

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