Finally had the time to watch on Netflix: Great movie that in the end does not feel like John Wick despite the cover text 😍


Now that the videos from this year's are online, I think I'll try to watch as many of them as possible during my train ride to Vienna tonight ^_^

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Our next meetup in is on 2019-12-09, 19:00 at Anexia in Münzgrabenstraße 84b/5. You can find the latest details on 🙂

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Liebe Leute, euch ist bewusst dass das mit den Tickets noch schlimmer wird, wenn sich „zurück nach Hamburg“ durchsetzt?

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Do you use a password manager?

Please boost for more reach. #India #security

First step of moving out of GoodReads done! Now I just have to also export the other couple of hundred books 😅

I now finally have a place to collect all the notes I take throughout the day that are just not enough to warrant a full blog post but I still want to keep in a single place: 🥳

Thomas Muster: "Er braucht noch eine Aufwärmphase."
Interviewer: "Wie lange kann die dauern?"
TM: "Bis zum Buffet."

Schokoproblem erfolgreich umgewandelt. Von "Schoko da" in "Schoko weg" 😭

Noch ein Grund mehr für's : Plabutschtunnel ist dicht und damit auch halb Webling und Puntigam bis rauf zum Bahnhof. Der Fahrradweg war und ist frei.

There is now a meetup in Graz! On 27 November will be their first event, hosted by Netconomy, with presentations by Robin Moffatt and Hans-Peter Grahsl. If you want to know more, go to 🙂

I'm currently working on a little server in (yes, I know there is already a library for it out there) in order to get to know the protocol. Managed to send my very first successful mention yesterday 🥳

I'm still not sure, what datastore I should use to persist received mentions, though. I'll probably go with PostgreSQL or SQLite just to keep it simple 😅

Spoiler: Orphan Black S3E4 

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