Made far less progress than planned in “Axiom’s end” but got my podcast backlog down to 20 episodes and swam for nearly an hour instead. Both felt good too 😅

Dextro Energy saves lives (in this case a bee rescued from the lake) 😂

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Ich glaube, ich sollte langsam mal die Eingewöhnungsphase im Firma-Slack starten 🤪

OK, after having had a laptop with a for 2 years it was surprisingly hard to use one again (and even it was just for one day) where the was a physical one. Habits 🤪

If that Raspberry PI 4 8GB I ordered last week arrives before my MBP is repaired I think we need a new scale for the level of me being pissed.

Another call at the repair service and they tell me the same as last week: mid next week… next time I take a train to Vienna to go directly to the Apple store there 🤬

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Day 18 without a laptop due to that stupid butterfly keyboard issue in various MBPs. I wonder if the supply chain is just jammed or that my service partner has a too long backlog. 18 days for replacing a keyboard is a tad bit long…

The current heatwave is killing my circulatory system. I could sleep all day … everything will be better once I have my laptop back 😥

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