@zerok I still need to remove disqus from my blog. perhaps I will take some time this week to do just that.

@Skoop It's really sad about Disqus IMO. The platform was really nice until they went all-in on ad-networks 😞

@zerok would be great if there was a similar thing that was self-hosted. perhaps there is, I'd have to research

@Skoop There are a couple alternatives that are similar enough to Disqus: talkyard.io/blog-comments , github.com/umputun/remark42 , commento.io/ . Perhaps one of these matches are needs 🙂

@zerok Love the idea! Is there any filtering on post visibility taken into account? For example I would think that unlisted and follower-only responses should not be displayed publicly.

Btw, personally I removed Disqus in favor of isso, which is a simple self-hosted comment section. It is definitely worth checking out as well. posativ.org/isso/

@janw Good point. So far I forward everything that is returned by /api/v1/statuses/:id/context. According to the docs it should only contain public status updates if the request was sent without authentication (which is what I'm doing here).

@zerok looks nice! I don't know webmention that well but aren't webmention and mastodon redundant? How do the two compare?

@xiu With webmentions only those posts with direct links to the post would be considered comments to the post. For everything beyond that you'd need something like brid.gy/ for also fetching comments of comments 🙂

I personally prefer to treat them separately for now.

@zerok thanks. So far I am using a self-hosted isso instance, but may try that with the Mastodon comments, too.

@zerok Nicely done :) I will check your retoots :)

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