Some rambling about the return of RMS to the FSF. In short: Really not a fan of that move.

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Nice blog post, I agree that its probably not a good move, he's not a good spokesperson for today, 10, 15, 20+ years ago, maybe, but not today. His is reinstatement is not surprising however, seeing as he is synonymous with the FSF.

@phreaknerd First time I've heard of this. I'll do some research then then decide if I want to stay a member of the FSFE. Thanks for letting me know.

@phreaknerd after some reading I’ve updated the post and suspended my donations.

@jamie @zerok The FSFE are like the Knights Templer of the FOSS world.

My only issue with FSF(E) is they tend to often stray out of their remit into political issues that have little or nothing to do with software.

@zerok Now, I'm not saying "#Stallman did nothing wrong" but for fish's sake, it's the FREE software foundation, not thw ETHICAL software foundation!

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