@musicmatze nope, I'd migrate the rest of my projects over GitLab if things don't get better quickly 🙃

When your second factor is booting up and you run into a timeout 🤦‍♂️

PSA: GitHub Actions seem to work for now ... again ...

@publicvoit I'm still not sure if it was a good idea but at least for this short trip it "worked" and we had not all that many other options 😅

Too bad, I'd hoped that were able to fix actions last night. Turns out they are broken again. I have some jobs that are in pending state for 3 hours or more 😞 Big hugs to the ops team there.

When you don’t have a rope with you, the a USB cable is the next best thing 😂

Simulating hotel TV experience by placing my iPad about 2m away from me 😂

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@zerok They are almost similar. I did my due diligence in finding a proper definition that explains the difference and due care was taken not to give out wrong information legaldictionary.net/due-care/

Can someone please explain to me the difference between “due care” and “due diligence”? Thanks 😊

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Post-lockdown-world, Austria 

First restaurant reservation after the lockdown 😍 Cannot wait to see a restaurant from the inside again and not having to carry my food off to somewhere else!

@thumb one day I’ll get into Marvel comic books … 😅

A new lynx kitten has been born in Wildpark Feldkirch 😍 vorarlberg.orf.at/stories/3103

Congratulations to Sana, the mother 😊

Are cookies with no expiration date or one in the faaaaaar future basically Twinkies?

Is Jean Grey the Great Bird of the Galaxy? movies are amazing but I’m confused 😂

@publicvoit in this case cloud and the repo contained just really a lot of garbage 😅

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