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Installing VMWare Fusion Player will overwrite your VMWare Fusion installation ... good thing they have different names and different license models.

Ordering some Japanese ink from a UK store might not have been the best idea …

I really hope that all these teasers mean that there's going to be a new album by out tomorrow 😆

The good thing about the current weather? The Mate stays cold…

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@zerok you can try using a Bibliogram instance to access Instagram, e.g.

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It's today and Carrot is ready! 😺
In few hours, my demo for the Matrix Foundation will start.
Wednesday 2021-03-10 6pm UTC, (19h00 in Paris; 6pm London; 1pm in New York; 10am in L.A.)
All info:
@matrix #krita

If you do a major release, please create a changelog or something else telling me what is breaking here! Having to look through code diffs shouldn't be the only way 😭

On the plus side, I at least get out a little bit despite the lockdown... and if it's just to Bad Gateway. is mostly down right now and on people post sh*t like "We are trying to do a prod deployment now..." ... not helping!

In general, I wouldn't want to be their OPS team during the last month...

Debugging a CI setup for an hour just to find out that an entrypoint in a utility image was basically just skipping everything that was set in the "script" section of the job...

Ist der Titel des belgischen Königs wirklich "König der Belgier"? Das ist irgendwie so Asterix, dass ich Seine Majestät jetzt auf einem Schild durch die Gegend getragen sehen möchte 😅

SSH key selection is somehow dark magic ... I think I'll really just resort to SSH config files all the time 🤯

Let's see if eating too much chocolate will make the world better...

Given the current market situation I'm wondering if I'll have a PS5 before a new bike 😩

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