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covid, Austria 

Spring is finally here 🙂 Sadly, some folks don’t want to play nice …

The first episode of The Irregulars was quite promising 😃

For some reason we now have a planned power outage for one hour... couldn’t they have coordinated that with tonight?

Turns out that if we have 20°C people enjoy the to parks... but look at that tree 😍

Good thing I'm low-profile and unimportant enough to not get any hate-mail just for signing the rms-open-letter 😅

Not yet sure if starting the day with NineInchNails was the best idea ... At least now I have an excuse for some additional chocolate 😅

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Had fun with this #2MinuteSketch challenge proposed by @Curator
This is my Mont Saint Michel attempt, after 2 minutes, and a couple of ... seconds later.
TWSBI fountain pen
Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz ink

First time I tried Beta. Wow, this looks really nice 😍

At least we still have toilet paper...

Probably a stupid question... but does not support application specific passwords (esp. when 2FA is enabled)?

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