Am I the only one who is offended when people send me mails with questions and CC their management in that? It feels like some kind of "look mom, it's not me, it's the other one who is to blame"?

episode n+1 of life, in which I explain other people their jobs. 🙃

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Logitech resurrects its classic MX518 gaming mouse - with a 32 bit in it.

Yes, sure, we all want great hardware. But a MOUSE with an own ARM CPU?!

Now someone will have to port DOOM for that little beast!

The amount of "You have been given <something> access" mails I get from indicates that their user/access management UI is shit. 🤷‍♀️

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"Release me," the frog said, "and I will grant you a wish."
"Oh!" the boy said, "I wish to understand all animals!"
All the way home he listened to birds, and he excitedly told his father.
"That's nice," his father said, but the boy heard "Whatever, don't disturb me."
#Cassoland #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

"Wie Werbung das Klassenzimmer erobert"

Tja, aber YouTube nutzen ist keine Werbung? Oder das fette Samsung Logo am Smartboard?
Wie haben wir es damals nur mit TDK VHS und Sony Videorecorder überlebt? 🤔

Man könnte aber auch Dienste nutzen bei denen der Nutzer nicht die Bezahlung ist und dies den Schülern auch beibringen? Aber nein, in Deutschland sind na alle Schüler dumm…

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infosec geek: you know you shouldn't be wearing those around your neck *points at the yubikey on my chest*

me: it's actually *grabs his fingers and breaks them* a honeypot

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My kid made this lego Godzilla! They asked me to post it so it can get “a million likes!”

thanks for not reading what the others have written!

Irgendjemand sägt hier und ich bin's nicht!

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You're a FOSS creator/maintainer? You're awesome! Thank you for all your hard work. #ilovefs #ilovefoss

I am doing data science with Python! aka: I read a logfile, parse it with a few regular expressions and add up some numbers ;)

So I made two clouds talk to each other. Does that make me Zeus or what?!

Debugging logging issues in "the cloud" is complicated if you don't have working logging. *sigh*

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