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Every manpage should have an EXAMPLES that shows how to do the very basic, most obvious thing with the command line tool or library function.


Great, now I have two audio inputs both called "USB PnP Audio Device".

Dear OEMs, please fill in those fields!!!

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When websites say "use our app, it's much better", they mean better for them, not you.

Loving good payment UI.

"credit card ending in 2003"

Is that card number XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-2003 or card end date 2003?!

Don't search for the bug in the data processing code if you didn't feed the new data to it.

Good morning!

Reviewer 1 hat den Wacken Becher verschleppt und badet jetzt mit einem WGT Becher…

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Ohai AMD A4-5000!

Seems the board of my home server died, and now I'm back with some old board/cpu/ram.

dead: Intel i5-6500/32GB RAM
alive: AMD A4-5000/4GB RAM

Feels weird, but thankfully I still had the old parts.

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the refreshing lack of thanksgiving discourse on fedi because the only americans on here are too gay to want to spend time with their families

There are only two rules when I help you to troubleshoot an issue:
- read what I said
- read what the error message says

Tweet from @alokmenghrajani 


@alokmenghrajani: Pro-tip: name your laptop 🍕

"🍕stopped a red team. Caused them to re-write their entire attack stack when someone named their macbook 🍕."

Reminds me of @globalc's laptop somehow.

If your tests rely on external infrastructure, you're going to have a bad time.

Quick tip: if you're publishing a widely promoted post, make sure the examples have valid syntax. ;)

Cool, cool. Another case of "how the fuck could that have worked before?!"

Made tests stricter.

5 failed, 59 passed

thanks, I guess?

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cn language shitpost 

Americans: uwu
British: ouwou

Reviewer 1 antwortet auf "warum" Fragen gerne trocken mit "weil". Bei der Erziehung also alles richtig gemacht, aber ein bisschen nerven tut das schon ;)

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