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The plural of "index" is "indices".
The plural of "vertex" is "vertices".
The plural of "mutex" is "deadlock".

-- @agmlego

"You've tried to update a closed ticket."

Yes you stupid system, I updated it because it should not have been closed in the first place!

You say blog post, but all I see is a link to Medium. 🤮

Absofuckingly love it that my phone autocompletes "absofuckingly".

Force Your Kids to Code With This Raspberry Pi Laptop.

Look, I don't know much about parenting, but forcing your kids? Nope. Absofuckingly not gonna happen.

Can someone who understands FOSS and communities and people better than me, explain something to me? What's the point of forking a project on GitHub but never commiting/pushing to that fork? Not opening a PR I understand, but if you don't have any changes to publish, why fork?!

ZEIT ONLINE: Autofahrer: Die Opfer der Verkehrswende.

Ich würde ja lachen, wenn ich gerade nicht weinen müsste. Ehrlich?! Opfer? Wohl zu viel Diesel gesoffen.


I just turned off a light 1 meter left of me by picking up my phone, opening the home assistant app, which connected to the server in the basement, which talked to the Trådfri gateway on the ground floor, which sent Zigbee commands to the lightbulb. This is the future. I hate it.

Oh, und heute kam dann die Mail von wegen Bitte um Bewertung. 🧐

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Achso, evtl hätte ich dazuschreiben sollen: es war eine Essensbestellung, da machen 25 Minuten warten einiges aus.

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me, last week: let's try this new tool to complete this task you've been avoiding for years
me, today: okay, if I take tool, and pluginA that can read my data, and wrap it with some custom Python code, it will be able to do the same as pluginB which cannot read my data.


How to ensure I will not try your project? Write in the readme:


To run X, create a Python script that invokes the X.main function.

Wie man Kunden vergrault, 2020 Edition: Kunden online bestellen lassen, 20 Minuten auf die "sofortige" Bestätigungsmail warten lassen, weitere 5 Minuten später anrufen und sagen man habe Betriebsferien und die Bestellung stornieren.

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An Invitation to Play Along:

We're currently developing a N900-style keyboard attachment for the #Pinephone. Do you think you can do better? Prove it. If you're right, your design may make it to production! 😎


VPN, die Homöopathie der IT-Security.

Stelle fest Eisregens "Hexenhaus" ist 15 Jahre alt und irgendwie...

"Google Chat: An intelligent messaging app, built for teams."

Trying not to laugh *too* loudly.

The Ansible Bullhorn issue #7 is out!

And it seems it's been completely taken over by @foreman and Pulp on the community side! Three (!) posts from yours truly about tests and documentation and Pulp's announcement about their collection!


It's not yet 9:30, I didn't even started working, and yet my daily allowance of "be nice to people, they don't mean to be idiots" is already used up.

"Perhaps you may have missed my earlier email as I've not heard from you. For reference, I've included a copy below."

No, I ignored it absolutely intentionally, you idiot of a spammer.

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