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Petition to add a new flavor profile: Heineken.

Person younger than me, wearing an AC/DC world tour 1979 t-shirt, mint condition, to the beach.

Is this… blasphemy?

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Einfache Regel: wenn du n scheiß iPhone dein Eigen nennen kannst, dann kannst du auch ne Maske ordentlich tragen.

Bought a new Samsung tablet (A7), now waiting for the third "upgrade" reboot... First one was latest Android 10, then Android 11 and now "latest" 11 it seems…

Okay, the Sonoff DualR3 is really big compared to a Shelly 2.5 😅

Always funny see someone on the internet write "one of the largest Swiss/American banks" and there is really just one possible name therr 😂

Reviewer 1 philosophiert: "Reviewer 2 hat Kaka gemacht, hat sich sozusagen ausgekackt!"

Pingdemic: Bar staff being told to delete NHS Covid-19 app

Is there some "worst way to handle a pandemic" competition going on, and I just didn't get the memo?!


"Einsteiger-Smartphone zum gehobenen Mittelklassepreis von bis zu 579 Euro"

Finde den Fehler!

Me: hey, there is a design flaw in your tool, which makes it possible to impersonate other users
$VENDOR: this is a valid RFE
Me: 😬

I mean sure, I am going to have SO much fun with this. But that's not a reply I have expected.

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if you've never worked an office job, you may be surprised to know that there are mandatory monthly meetings where everyone stands in a circle chanting "GROWTH GROWTH GROWTH GROWTH" as wheelbarrows full of cash are fed into a large bonfire

Bobo will eine Wurst einpacken. "Nein, Bobo, wir haben noch eine Wurst zu Hause", sagt Mama.


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QR Codes Are Here to Stay. So Is the Tracking They Allow.

"That’s because QR codes can store digital information such as when, where and how often a scan occurs."

No, that's not how it works. That's not like any of that works!
nytimes.com/2021/07/26/technol (paywall, turn JS off 😈)

2021 ist, wenn du Freizeitaktivitäten danach aussuchst, ob man zu LucaApp gezwungen wird, oder nicht 😞

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Found a solution to a nasty hardware issue I was having

Solution is to take a nap

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