Look, if you update your library to verify SSL certificates by default (good), maybe don't update your documentation examples to disable the verification again?!

Reviewer 1 auf die Frage, wo man alles Musik spielen kann: auf'm Auto, auf'm Handy, auf'm Lautsprecher. 😅

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Python: Do you have dictionaries?
Lua: We have tables, they're like dictionaries.
Python: What about lists?
Lua: Those are also tables.
Python: Tables for lists? What about objects?
Lua: Those are tables too.
Python: Ah, but how do you define the classes for objects?
Lua: You're a very clever language, but it's tables all the way down!

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let it all out
these are the things i am sauer about
come on

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Login with [GitHub, LinkedIn, MSFT].

Weird way to say "login with MSFT", but okay.

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job posting, german, boost okay 

Bei meiner Lohnarbeit suchen wir Network und/oder Dev(Ops) engineers.
Tech Stack: Python, Ansible, NixOS, Cumulus, JunOS, Cisco, BGP, EVPN, optische Netze (xWDM, etc.).
Falls zwei oder mehr Dinge für dich interessant sind, gerne per DM oder Matrix melden. (Full) remote und Teilzeit sind möglich.
Wir versorgen eine mittlere fünfstellige Anzahl an Kund*innen mit Netz und betreiben ein 100G+ Backbone in Deutschland.

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Usually, my excuse for something not working is "can't read".

Today it was "can't grep" 🙄

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Need to rebuild ~150 packages, part of which depend on each other.

Everyone: you need a dependency tree and a SAT solver and …

Me: whatever, a bash script with grep and a loop works too.


Don't come to my kitchen, asking when dinner is ready, if you weren't at the grocery store yet.

Stumbling over GitHub issue comments from @meena from 2013, and the issue is still open…


Ever looked at your old code and thought "Ah! *That's* why I did it that way!"?

Yeah, me neither.

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texas "pro life" dystopia 

satanists to the rescue! yay!

I read that the ST once was successful in averting a law that would have required people to pay for a funeral for the fetus after an abortion.

would be great if that works out as well. they seem to be very active in courts.

probably not likely but at least they are trying.
Hail Seitan! ehm... Satan!

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Reviewer 1 und 2 sitzen um eine Plüschtier-Eule (mit Schlaflied-Soundmodul) herum, haben die mit Cent-Münzen belegt und das Schlaflied angemacht. Sieht aus wie ein Ritual?!

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"Ich habe heute ein Date"
"Oh, mit wem denn?"
"Mit meinem Debian. Es ist ein apt-date"

linter: expecting ')', found '=' @ line 446, column 21.

reality: missing second = (for == comparison) in line 449, column 21.

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