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Manchmal wünche ich mir etwas mehr Intelligenz bei diesen Computern… So wird das ja nie was mit SkyNet!

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Germany has three currencies:
- Euros
- plastic bottles
- Sanifair vouchers

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The knight and the dragon fought.
"Hold!" the princess called. "Why do you fight?"
They looked ashamed, and the princess spotted two trampled bouquets.
"Were those for me?"
The knight and the dragon nodded.
"Girls," the princess said, smiling at them, "what if I date you both?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

What's the currently preferred way to get into SDR? Need to, err, debug, my blinds. 433MHz is what the remote is sending at.

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A group of servers are called a rack

A group of racks are called a datacenter

A group of datacenters are called a cloud

A group of clouds are called an oh my god what the hell are you doing
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argh. in /etc/sysconfig/network stand `ENABLE_IPV6= yes`.
Mit Leerzeichen. Bash hat also yes ausgefuehrt...

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> npm WARN using --force I sure hope you know what you are doing.

oh, npm, i assure you,

i have no idea what i am doing

No no no! No way I'm going to jump between JFK and LGA. Go home flights!

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Our second child is going to be born soon, so I need to free up some space... This includes OpenBSD CDs from 5.2 up to 6.0 (including all Stickers), as well as "The Book of PF" (2nd ed.) and "Absolute Freebsd" (2nd ed) from our beloved @mwlucas, shipped from Germany. CDs would be 25€/CD (will donate 5€ thereof to the OpenBSD foundation) and 10€ per book. Boosts appreciated!

qifi.org, my pure JavaScript WiFi QR code generator has reached 400🌟 on GitHub \o/ GitHub.com/evgeni/qifi

>>> :q
File "<input>", line 1
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

You can't exit the REPL with :q

NetworkManager[4979]: <info> [1554976934.0242] dhcp4 (eth0): state changed bound -> bound

Dear NetworkManager, this is not the definition of change you're looking for

TIL: in git, not only you can `git checkout -` to get to the last branch, but you also `git rebase -` to rebase on the last branch \o/

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