best debian version number evar?

@joeyh I\m sort of wanting to make a web page that shows the longest version of any package, in each Debian release.

As if I didn't have important things to do.


@liw @joeyh you mean like:

udd=> select package, version, length(version) from packages_summary order by length(version) DESC limit 2;
node-debbundle-acorn | 6.2.1+ds+~0.4.0+~4.0.0+really4.0.0+~1.0.0+~5.0.1+ds+~1.7.0+ds+~0.1.1+~0.3.1+~0.2.0+~0.1.0+~0.3.0+~0.3.0-5 | 105
node-acorn | 6.0.2+20181021git007b08d01eff070+ds+~0.3.1+~4.0.0+~0.3.0+~5.0.0+ds+~1.6.1+ds-1 | 78

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@zhenech @joeyh Could you set up an RSS feed for the results, updated when they change? :)

@liw @joeyh you could try bribing the maintainer of udd.debian.org to add something like this to "interesting packages" ;)

@liw @joeyh (I am not said maintainer, have no relationship with UDD whatsoever etc blah blah disclaimer ;))

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