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If you didn't get like a 6% raise this year you're actually making less money

Reviewer 1 kocht Nudeln mit scharfer Spinnen-Sauce - Nudeln Arachnobiata 🍝

Welp, this is an *interesting* spam comment after almost 10 years of silence…


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bad routes, bad routes, watcha gonna do when someone announces them for you

Back in my days, we used BeautifulSoup for hacking 😼

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Any questions you want to raise to your parents?

You have a Dutch passport, issued in Germany?

Reviewer 2 läuft dauernd mit BLÅHAJ durch die Gegend. Sieht sehr lustig aus, denn Reviewer 2 ist kleiner 🤣

parenting (a sick kid) 

@meena but you've already fed the kid AND the cats, that doesn't sound useless to me?

data leak heißt auf Deutsch "Datenabfluss"?! 🙃🤣

Immer, wenn ich Schlagzeilen wie "Österreichs Kanzler Kurz vor Rücktritt" lese, muss ich zwei mal hingucken, ob jetzt "Kanzler Kurz" gemeint ist, oder ob der Kanzler "kurz ist/macht"…

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Netflix transphobia 

Well. I'm leaving Netflix. I've been there for over 10 years, and I've greatly enjoyed so much of it. but it's changed. Reed Hastings always seemed to be a bit of a tech hippie and idealist. He had lofty ideas of how to run a company and it showed. As Ted "Hollywood" Sarandos has taken more control, it's become less and less of that kind of culture.

The internal response to the Dave Chappelle thing has been an absolute disaster.

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