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Anfora Development

Between yesterday and today I learned to use vuex and nedb. Now the accounts keep its state, it means faster loads and better experience. Also added new endpoints to the API to manage accounts and I'm working on the upload pipeline to support video, gifs and filters :thisisfine:

I'm working slow because a lot of things are new for me and I'm discovering them while coding Anfora. I'm trying to bring a good product but It'll be ready when It matches my criteria for a good app.

Today I'm working with the client. I'm making the login and related stuff. I've added vuex and nedb to manage state and data

I want to make customizable the server. So I'll make the image filters and stickers an easy to change plugin. This way If you don't like mine you can use others. For now stickers won't be interactive but I want them to be, the problem is to federate them :thisisfine:

One of my goals for today is to push the new timeline UI and some features like custom avatars. #pixelfed

I wanted to had it earlier this week, but this one is not being a very productive week. ๐Ÿ˜ž

At the moment I'm trying to fix all the things to get federation done. :thisisfine:

Today I had to deploy the app and it's easy if you don't have to mess with python versions. Using pipfile makes all easier :pokeball:

Think I got all done. Now I've installed a local pleroma instance and I will be checking that all works as expected (spoiler, probably not :thisisfine:)

Websocket support means real time updates! #pixeldev

Here I'll continue to tell thing about the code status and so. If you want this is something like "the dev telling us about how it's going"

Finally I've renamed the project before It became impossible. The new name is Anfora. The project is now in an organization and not @ my account:

Also I've opened a "official account at @anfora

I'm working to make more modular the db code and simplifying things. I'll push the changes tonight If I have time enough to finish. :rubberduck:

Comment threads live-update is ready! Couple of things still to be done and the v0.1.0 will be finally released! ๐ŸŽ‰


I want to cry now. 2 hours and the only error was "##" instead of "#". Sad. But at least now headers sign verification works

The import/export feature is almost finished!

welcome! ๐Ÿ‘‹ At the moment I'm working on federation and if all goes as planned should be ready between this week and the beginning of the following one. The plan is to work on the client and then one beta version should be ready to be deployed.

What I did today:

- refactor some parts so now the code is more legible and has a better structure.
- learned how to write tests for falcon and added a few.
- Travis integration on the github repo

Now I stop to dinner and probably I'll add more tests. :thisisfine: