What's your opinion on this github.com/anforaProject/anfor ? I can go with python instead of node (node is required to compile the front-end) but the fight SSE vs websockets? Now it works as it's described on the mastodon API

Security is important. Two factor auth will be shipping soon! :pixelfed:

How do you debug/learn to use an undocumented project? Simple, you learn reading the tests :thisisfine: :thisisfine:

I need some help with this. Is something 'easy' so if you want to contribute is a gold first issue github.com/anforaProject/anfor

This will speed up things. I want to release the first instance on September (fingers crossed)

I've opened a matrix room so we can share opinions, ideas, tips and more matrix.to/#/!BMeoNkDGpwUVxhOXi You suggested me other options but this is the one I feel more confortable and seems that it can comunicate with irc. Feel free to join :blobaww:

Quick update: The home timeline is working, notifications too and I'm working to finish the SSE integration on the client. Also I've updated the home profile and I've added cards for the home timeline. I was going to upload a video but first I want to finish the UI so it looks good. Probably tomorrow (now starts coding and actually ends tonight)

One of my biggests problems with @anfora is the framework that I've chosen, falcon. It's should be fast but I've lost a huge amount of time writing things that for example flask or django make easy. On the other hand I see the possibility to contribute with the framework and surely I've learnt a lot. Also I can optimzie things that in Django would be more complicated. It's all about the pros and cons, let's see how it goes.

Live Stories could be huge for the fediverse. Thats my challenge for next month 😎 #pixeldev

Today I've changed completely the user's profiles. (The flickr style wasn't creating good timelines) Also i've tested the server with big amount of users and seems to work, it was one of my biggest fears. :thisisfine:

Also @dansup offered help to open an IRC channel for anfora. What do you think? I'm more confortable using Matrix (has integration with redis but sometimes things don't arrive). Are you interested in a comunication channel like this as anfora is approaching the MVP? 😀

I'm trying hard to finish with the timelines but I'm a bit behind using redis. I've managed to implement an streaming endpoint using SSE that updates the timelines automatically. As @dansup told me, the api endpoint is tricky to configure. I want to finish and release the MVP.

Good morning fediverse! Yesterday I was fixing timelines and today I want to finish the connection by WS. After this the MVP will be ready

I'll try to finish the streaming endpoints and then I'll work again with federation. I didn't manage to know what was failing last time. Let's see if I get it now :thisisfine:

I haven't reinvented anything. The client is vue+bulma so anyone better than me (nothing difficult) can fix and improve what I've done

Two things:

- The glitches are something of my pc recording, not the UI

- The UI for the image's upload is in two columns because the idea is to add the option to upload multiple images. I want to add first a nice looking drag & drop with the option to select the image you are configuring

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This is how profiles look right now. There are things to change but first I need to keep adding code to the server. Strange things happen with the aspect ratios but I need to investigate more 🔍 I think they look cool but what is your opinion? Also the purple band is customizable as the colors in the ui

Hello new followers.

This will be an exciting week for :pixelfed:!

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