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"Everything we do to make it harder to create a website or edit a web page, and harder to learn to code by viewing source, promotes that consumerist vision of the web.

Pretending that one needs a team of professionals to put simple articles online will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Overcomplicating the web means lifting up the ladder that used to make it possible for people to teach themselves and surprise everyone with unexpected new ideas."



Hatte eine Woche voller Heisenbugs, Echtzeitdaten debuggen ist hart.

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Looking for work in the field of biotechnology/biology. Several years of laboratory experience. Master all common laboratory methods. Additional skills in isotope technology, biostatistics, bioinformatics and several programming languages (, R, , , ).
Available immediately.

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Der liebe @zeitschlag hat einen Prozess gegen die AfD-Schnullernazis verloren! Jetzt braucht er Geld um die Prozesskosten zu begleichen. Könnt ihr mit einer kleinen Spende helfen? Auch Aufmerksamkeit ist gerne gesehen, also tootet und tweetet und teilt was das Zeug hält!

♥️ Danke! ♥️ leetchi.com/c/hilfe-fuer-zeits

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racist: dog whistles all day, racist nonsense, antisemite jokes

twitter mods: this is fine

a decent person: you're an asshole

twitter mods: ⚠️ 🚔 ⚠️ 🚫

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2017: Polen weigert sich, muslimische Flüchtlinge aufzunehmen. 1942: Iran nimmt 116.000 polnische Flüchtlinge auf.


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Don't make your open source project easier to use for non-contributing users. Make it easier to contribute to it instead. That's much better for your project in the long run. Empower your users.

Don't provide automated installers, instead make it easy to install by hand. Don't include magical automatic features, instead make it transparent and easy to understand.

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Being an open-source maintainer is really hard. A lot of people tend to act very entitled towards you, as if you "owe" them your time or your attention.

It's totally illogical: you put something out there for free, and now because of that, folks feel like they deserve more of it! And yet this is often the prevailing mood in OSS communities.

At the same time, you may start to believe this logic yourself, leading to "open-source guilt." This often ends in burnout.

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RT @evan_greer This is exhausting. Democrats blame:
Jill Stein

But the party won't look in the mirror and recognize that it has utterly failed to mount a meaningful challenge to social and economic injustice, & thus is losing support.

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Today can be the day you grep through your favourite documentation for mentions of "simple" and "easy", and replace them.

They are useless and can be harmful. If you mean "uncomplicated" or "few steps" or "like most projects", say so. Reading that something is supposed to be "easy" doesn't help the people who know how to do it, and people who run into issues will be frustrated, and more hesitant to report their problem with a supposedly "easy" step.

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Wacky Idea:

Step 1: Create some awful blockchain/gig economy company

Step 2: Hire a 20something white cis man to be a fake co-founder so you can get VC money

Step 3: Instead of wasting tons of VC money on SF office space and free beer, run the company frugally and burn through the rest of the cash on social welfare projects

Step 4: Still don't make profit and fail, just like all of the other startups in the space, but fail with a legacy of turning VC money into actual social good

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It's worth noting that libraries are the last of the commons and public spaces not currently exploited by the corporations. How long it remains that way isn't certain

Loitering is banned
Panhandlers are persecuted
Homeless are threatened

Without libraries, there aren't many spaces left for some people to merely *exist*

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I have a bad case of the computers

I've had it for years now, but I somehow mange to get on with life. It's not always easy and sometimes, there are flare ups. Other times, I keep it under control

I tried to cure it with camping and snow, but remission is short lived and it always comes back with a vengeance

But I've been told I can still have a long and fruitful life as long as I can manage it. I've been trying new therapies like cabins and it does take the edge off

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The phrase "smart city" fills me with nothing but terror

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No true Scotsman would commit the No True Scotsman fallacy.

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"Jeff Bezos is The Richest Man in the World, But 10% of Amazon's Ohio Employees Are on Food Stamps"

"Coincidentally, The Amazon Go Store Doesn't Accept Food Stamps"

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Hey young YouTuber desperate for views! Doing the tidepod challenge is so old hat.

The new hip thing is the 'seize the means of production challenge'.

All you got to do is film yourself helping to build community owned and run infrastructure free of corporate exploitation.