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Just spent the last hour backing up a WordPress site with a bunch of plugins

~9000 files, 120MB in the /plugins folder alone 😖

I wrote an operating system years ago that's actually 120x smaller than that. And it played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when you pressed F7

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Ok, I made the book club instance I mentioned a week or so ago (and have been working on since yesterday).

I want to do some more work on it and make it ~*~pretty~*~ later on, but right now I just want to get more people there to talk about books. Yay books!

So if you were interested in that or just hearing about it now but think it sounds cool to do mastodon-based book clubs, come check it out!


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Here's a super specific question:

Does anyone have any familiarity with WCOnline, the writing center software service, and if so, do you know of any open source alternatives? Or any viable alternatives at all?

It's good software, but it’s closed source and the service isn't great for online universities.

If there aren't any open source alternatives, would anyone be interested in building one with me?

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i hope their editorial board was deeply embarrassed about this error

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It is 2074. Copyright is no longer extended since rich people no longer die. All librarians are unseen outlaws building archives underground. This is their story.

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Satiriker scheitern kläglich daran, Witz darüber zu machen, dass Olaf Scholz einen Goldman-Sachs-Investmentbanker ins Finanzministerium holt - http://www.der-postillon.com/2018/03/scholzman-sachs.html
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Millenials are killing the paper industry!

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I did some experiments that really highlight how heavily image recognition algorithms depend on probability - and how unprepared they are for surrealism. #machinelearning

I listened to the latest YANSS Episode about how tribal bias is effecting every political debate today and see it everywhere now, recommend it to everyone trying to make sense of recent political developments.
Link: youarenotsosmart.com/2018/02/2

CW: contains advertising (which is clearly marked and separated from the main content)

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STARTTLS is dead. It should have never been invented. FastMail was right in never supporting it.

Stop using STARTTLS and email on ports 143 and 587. Use proper TLS encrypted connections on 465 and 993
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Es ist unglaublich: Mit Unterstützung der CDU sorgt die AfD im Landtag Sachsen-Anhalt für eine Kommission zur Untersuchung von Linksextremismus. Den Vorsitz übernimmt AfD-Hardliner . Hier ebnen Konservative den Rechtsextremen den Weg.
t.co/jGwaQO6BjL twitter.com/schneidercar/statu

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„Tatsächlich will die CDU-Seite vor allem in den Nebenfächern kürzen: in Kunst, Musik und Sport, aber auch in der zweiten Fremdsprache an den Gymnasien.“ https://www.mdr.de/sachsen/politik/lehrer-sachsen-100.html

Aha, diese Fächer erachtet die CDU wohl also als für die Wirtschaft nicht so wichtig erachtet und können deswegen also gestrichen werden. m( #fail #sogehtsächsisch
 cc @goebelmasse 
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elektroautos, so umweltfreundlich natürlich, aber was wird in die luft geblasen bei der herstellung?
da kann ich noch ein paar jahre meinen 25 jahre alten golf fahren, bevor sich allein der gedanke lohnen würde, kosten UND umwelttechnisch
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@witti Die Herstellung von Lithium Akkus verbraucht viel Energie. Aber wenn die Energiequellen stimmen (zB bei Teslas Gigafactory) dann ist die CO² Bilanz überhaupt nicht schlecht.

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