Ich hab hier so nen mit nem ESP8266 verstöpsetes eInk Display ("Badgy"). Hab total Bock, was damit zu machen. Einsteigerlevel. Aber ich brauch ne Idee, in welche Richtung es gehen könnte ... Bin für Anregungen offen.


@altStuC Please elaborate 😃 It's got a jog dial as input devices and of course wifi.

@Commander1024 well a habit tracker is something you can use to boost a good habit that you'd like to form or provide negative feedback about a habit you would like to break.

It can be as simple as moving glass marbles from one bowl to another, which is what a salesman I once new did. He wanted to make at least 30 customer calls a day at first, so 30 marbles in left bowl, move one marble to second bowl per call.


@Commander1024 say you want to improve some action, increment display by tap or app. add in some rando messages like "well done, have a tschunk" or a twerking goblin or whatever floats your boat.

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