The audio jack of my headphones is pretty messed up. 😓 Does anyone at have new audio jacks? Do I even need one? I sadly have no experience but would love to fix it.

@CryptGoat If the jack does not have a loose connection (i.e. you hear no crackling when moving the cable), this looks like it should be fixed by some shrink tube. Although it'd need some shrink tube with a high shrink ratio, at least 3:1, I'd say from afar. Maybe you're lucky by just asking the people at the Hardware Hacking Area.

@anathem I guess the connection is already loose to some degree. No crackling but the sound is affected when the cable is moved around.

@CryptGoat Then I'd say you'll need a new plug... soldering it to the cable wouldn't be the issue, but extracting the copper strands from the cable in order to solder them might get fiddly. Having someone with a bit of experience with audio cables around when you try to fix it might be good.

@anathem Then I guess it might be a good idea to approach a local repaircafé after the congress. I'm just worried that my audio jack might break entirely before I'm back home. Anyway, thanksfor your help so far!

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