Attention / users: The critical 66.0.4 update is now available via F-Droid to fix the broken add-on support because of an expired certificate. That was incredibly fast for F-Droid standards! Don't forget to revert any unofficial fixes.

Meanwhile users are still waiting for the latest Firefox update to be deployed. πŸ™„

What I mean by reverting hotfixes: in about:config change "xpinstall.signatures.required" back to true in case you have modified that as a workaround.

@CryptGoat Also make sure to set xpinstall.signatures.required back to true if you changed it.

@CryptGoat it was distributed by Ubuntu servers today πŸ™‚
(which is also pretty fast compare to the classic timing)

@Lapineige @bstn_chmpns The arm version hasn't been released yet, only arm64 and x86.

Ya, at least the core problem is now fixed for most people.

@CryptGoat btw, is there a way to get #Fennec integrate better with #Keepass2Android? Like, recognizing the page title instead of the app name. I always have to search manually for the matching entry...
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