Sync photos taken on an Android phone to a Ubuntu computer, end to end encrypted, deleting photos from the phone after some days.

Anyone got an idea?

Oh and I got a nextcloud instance, just not sure if I can transfer E2EE with it somehow.

@DC7IA I would be surprised and disappointed to learn that any communication with nextcloud is unencrypted 😅 (though I don't know anything about the project)

@kai The communication with nextcloud ist encrypted, but only that. I want to transfer E2EE.

@DC7IA as long as you are hosting nextcloud yourself, I don't understand why it's an issue

@kai The hosting service could always be compromised. You never know when someone might gain access.

@DC7IA oh so you want to host nextcloud on a third party, and you want images to stay encrypted until you view them on a device?

@kai No, just to transfer them. Maybe I will not look at them for months.

@DC7IA I'm really confused about what you want 😅


- I take a photo
- I turn on my laptop, photos land there

E2EE, store and forward.

@DC7IA you would need your keys on every device, like Signal your favorite app 😋

@DC7IA If your webserver speaks TLS and block non TLS connections, then is the connection E2E. For real E2E connections you have to use software like Syncthing.

@sm0rux I'd prefer having it done automatically, if I find a way. This way I cannot even forget to backup.

@DC7IA A few options:

1. adbsync:
2. Setup syncthing on Android and the computer and set it up to sync only a directory and only when both are in the same network.

@vu3rdd @DC7IA +1 for synching.

I have it syncing phone photos to a computer on my home network.
It does e2e crypt, but not necessarily the "delete from phone" bit. Although I have a large sd card so it's not been an issue.

@vu3rdd I think I will have a look at Syncthing.

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