we are currently searching for an e-mail provider for our small(-ish) business. If you have any recommendations, please do share :)

Some features we would like to have:
- 2FA
- GDPR / DSGVO compliant with hosting preferable in Germany, but EU is probably fine too
- Ability to pull centralized offline backups of all data in an open and reusable format.
- Ability to archive mail in a way that is uninteruptable by users (for archiving due to legal)

Boost very much appreciated :)

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@davidak is what we are currently evaluating. Except for GDPR they have very little to offer in regards to everything else. Their proposed backup solution is "Every Account uses POP3 and you enforce correctness on the client machine" ...

@pmj Prinzipiell ja, obwohl ich die Rechtslage nicht genau bewerten kann (DSGVO). Soweit ich weiß ist bei Protonmail aber alles sehr speziell, man kann afaik zb. nicht mit Standardwerkzeugen arbeiten, bsp. export. Hast du da Erfahrungen mit?

@ck ne, keine erfahrung ;) bin auch erst vor kurzem darauf gestossen und überlege mir mein gmail zeugs zu wechseln...
kommt halt auch immer auf den use case an; für business empfehle ich halt immer einen eigenen (mail-)server...
aber wie gesagt, das entscheidende ist immer der use case bzw. was erreicht werden soll ;)

@ck I've had a really positive experience with Migadu, and their support is really good re: anything specific you might want to set up.

@ck you could take a look at I’ve been using it for a while without any complaints and it seems to fit most of your requirements.

@glorieux I sent them a mail with some questions, we shall see how it turns out

@ck Soverin should meet most of your criteria. I've been using it for more than a year now, and have been very happy. (I was using Posteo earlier, but Soverin offers more space and features, like unlimited email addresses (including anonymized ones) and domain integration)

@debajit It looks like it's more something for private users / single mail boxes though. Am I wrong with that assumption?

@ck They do let you set up multiple mailboxes . I've only used them in a personal capacity though. Their support should be able to help you with more details

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