I found these small boards in the trash. I don't know what it is, but it is hard, and very easy to plane! It was painted with this brown stain, and bent a bit in the middle, maybe as a back rest? If it's from outdoor furniture, I guess it's some kind of tropical wood? I'd like to know! The structure is diffuse-porous, but still with visible pores, a bit like walnut (I don't think it's walnut, it's too light for walnut).

After a hint by @Kiki I investigated acacia species, and it turns out that many of them are easily distinguished by shining UV light to them. This one shows fluorescent green-yellow stripes all over the heartwood, and some slight purple tones in the sapwood. However that didn't help me yet in identifying it, but I'll show you the pictures nonetheless 😬

@phranck hmm no, oak has much larger pores – you could pour a whole Pacific Ocean into them :D They're also arranged in rings along the growth rings, not diffused throughout the wood

@daniel_bohrer the top one looks like ikea outdoor furniture brown. They use acacia wood.

@Kiki oh interesting! The Wood Database mentions that many Acacia species fluoresce under UV light, and this one indeed does show slight green-yellow stripes!

@RyuKurisu looks like back slats from IKEA garden furniture. Sold as Teak.

I have been told there is teak - the wood of legends and battle ships. And Teak, the wood of 21st century. Fast plantation grown and not quite the same.

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