I must admit to some surprise just how much of a struggle I'm having using haskell in nixos (example: I want to use the net-mqtt library). I thought haskell was approximately a first-class citizen of nix


@dan Yeah that also surprises me. I use some Haskell software day to day and I need to put some nontrivial amount of work into fixing broken haskell packages, as I'd otherwise couldn't upgrade my system.

@erictapen @dan I’m using it without any unexpected issues here for more than five years.

net-mqtt is marked as broken. Nix (or Stackage) doesn’t fix unmaintained packages. Someone else needs to fix them when devs don’t have time to do it (especially during GHC bump).

I used Haskell from cabal, stack, cabal new*, pacman (habs), debian and so on. If you find Haskell on Nix/Guix not optimal then try other options and wait for a GHC bump ;)

@erictapen @dan ps sometimes when a leaf package is simple all what we need to do is
haskell.lib.doJailbreak met-mqtt
nix-shell -p "haskellPackages.ghcWithPackages (pkgs: [haskell.lib.doJailbreak pkgs.net-mqtt])"
or even allowBroken when a flagged package was fixed in its latest version but Nix maintainers forgot to untick it ((un)marking broken is a manual process).

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