@funkwhale I've been transferring my playlists over to funkwhale and found it a bit annoying that I can't directly add entire albums to playlists. I'm aware of the add to queue and then transfer to playlist workaround, but that doesn't really work if you want to listen to music while building independent playlists...


@funkwhale also, coukd I propose a "listened" indicator on podcast episodes based in listening history, so I don't have to remember that myself?

@freaktechnik sure, don't hesitate to et start a discussion about this!

@funkwhale not sure what you mean with that, isn't that what I've done?

@freaktechnik discussions strated here are usually quickly forgotten, there are better places suxh as our forums or Gitlab funkwhale.audio/en_US/communit

@funkwhale I'll happily open gitlab issues if that's desired.

Kinda unrelated, I thought I read somewhere that the Podcasts library in subsonic apps (ultrasonic) should show me channels from funkwhale? For me it just errors. I can also find podcasts by search, but they contain no tracks. Only searching for individual episodes works. (Yes, I have ID3 based browsing enabled)

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