The thing I learned in all this Cyberpunk 2077 discourse is that I really should be giving No Man's Sky a try.
Huh, apparently I can't play No Man's Sky because my graphics card doesn't support Vulkan.

@glow last gen stuff hasn't really had a price drop yet because "current gen" is widely unavailable/out of stock. So it's very likely buying hardware now isn't a great investment.

@freaktechnik Ah, thanks for the tip. I am not really looking into upgrading right now, as I am moving at the start of February, so I am probably busy with that until at least march. Do you think then might be a better time to build a new PC?

@glow hard to say right now, but one would hope that the shortages start to get resolved by then.

@glow my understanding is for one part silicon waver demand vs. Current production but also that there is way more demand for this new generation because it is so much better and a lot of people want to upgrade that haven't in years. There may also be some influence of people being more willing to spend money on gaming hardware due to currently being very likely to use it.

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