If you think the needs a good framework and a solution you may want to support @lafnlab

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PHP empowers the web applications, but it stop there. Using something like python, a framework could be the foundation of a lot of different (and cool) things.

Apart from that, Open Source PHP projects cannot be packaged in distributions, which is really a sad thing :(
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That page doesn't show any detail about how to installl PHP applications :( (the link contained there is down)
@hexmasteen @lafnlab @panigrc

This the eclass for building and install web applications. This seems way more complicated that it should, considering that doing the same with another language is way more easier. I'd say that developing Open Source projects that are easy to package (and also to used) is always a good thing.

Anyway, kudos for starting such a project, and let's do the best for the Fediverse!

@hexmasteen @danyspin97 @panigrc I'm not personally interested in packaging it for use in distributions, but I have no problems with others doing it on their own.

In the future that may change, since I'd love to see it offered in Softaculous, etc.

@danyspin97 @hexmasteen @panigrc

I'm writing it in PHP because that's the only programming language I know (aside from some very rusty COBOL). I'm not a professional programmer, and have no reason to learn another computer language at this time.

Federama is intended to be a web application/framework. There are lots of PHP frameworks, and I assume other languages also have frameworks.

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